Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Peaceful wave disappear assist 315 officials announce! Violet Jin Chen is hired to be consumptive dimension authority to publicize an ambassador

20220315040145 62300fa943e95

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On March 15 day of consumer rights and interests, dispatch of writer violet Jin Chen states he made peaceful wave pass the time in a leisurely way now assist dimension authority commonweal publicizes an ambassador, I am used up after acceptance can, conduct propaganda of authority of dimension of consumption of the wave that it is peace is great give a power! Bask in gave a picture. It is reported, violet Jin Chenceng has encountered unpleasantness is consumed twice, it is the waist hurts those who hit 4500 yuan to be fond of a needle, result illness is aggravating (mix when thing doctor later Yin state division hospital of traditional Chinese medical science of benevolence cure hall is punished) ; It is another, he charged money in gym of golden auspicious bird, encounter door inn closes however stop. The netizen leaves a message in succession express fact of violet Jin Chen to return to the name.

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