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Original title: Xiao Ting of the Feng after answering the controversy since rancorring Gong Hanlin late night dispatch: Player very be bitterly disappointed (origin: Insurgent news)

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The near future, comment on the of all kinds debate that Chinese football initiates in the light of Gong Hanlin, feng of national sufficient team leader deeps and clear before thunderbolt 14 days of late nights ” personally end ” , in individual socialization media publishs long article. Before this, feng Xiao Ting ever expressed, oneself are about to retire — ” retreated, abdicate gives Gong Hanlin ” . The following Xiao Ting that it is Feng is textual:

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I do not respond to Mr. Gong Hanlin, I want to saying my one’s innermost thoughts and feelings at the moment only. Share a conte first. In 2018 Russia world cup, have a classical competition, it is Japanese team precede with the advantage of 2-0 Belgian group, be connected to turn two balls in 6 minutes by adversary, the injury stops fill constantly. Below the case that wins right of angular ball ball, be turned over to kill by Belgian group. Whole process used 14 seconds merely. To seek the secret of backside of this 14 seconds, the video of the 14 seconds that Japanese collects to 28 camera place undertook an analysis, and invited the main player with this bilateral at that time match, and the expert of each European clubs and player review together and discuss. Party and adversary sit together, analysis of objective and sober ground is discussed, what is the problem of ability tactics, what is problem of state of mind, what is judgement error, what can avoid, whether is there better choice at that time, undertook all-around answer dish and repeat calculation. Each successful backside, have the time cost of its Fu Zhu, with devoted cost. These year, we also had encountered similar case, black 3 minutes, planish a line, different player is in always however make same mistake. However we care victory or defeat only, do not know why to be defeated however. Next a cry, who who finishs class. Such-and-such player, roll football circle. Very large possibility these philtrum, do not know a player who is.

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Country of Feng Xiao Ting’s representing is sufficient give fight. The Asian cup 3 years ago, I appeared error, also do not have reason nation group again, I was assumed all, the criticism to the outside and criticise I do not have complaint, but besides individual error, don’t have other reason? But finally, player, the coach just is assuming the responsibility that he can assume indefinitely. This year, national group was defeated Vietnam, outside unexpectedlying, (I shared among them reason in platform) the match was defeated, very unfortunate, again the player comes out to assume responsibility. The problem that is a certain player? We are worn in the loop all the time. Learn France, learn Italy, learn Holand, lost oneself however finally. We are in wait-and-see, if the opportunity is mature, go with the least risk expostulation, exchange the biggest result and flow with least loss. But now football already after all, you once had seen a nurse protecting clean that does not tell true and false disclose the privacy of the player change discharge even, do I keep silence even? This 12 strong competition, did not make ideal kill, but which player does not want to return in glory native place, but difference is such, and we still have naturalization player. Have a few competitions this, we always are being answered pass, it is technical reason, be still psychological reason? Every time the match is over, groups big have a few business communication basically, hear having a competition is overconfident among them, the 12 contest before mixing 4 years among them same! We always are in place revolve, do not have true settlement however problem. Present match atmosphere, have a word very popular, otherwise error goes. Why can you arrive this degree? ? You want a small error only, can be magnified indefinitely by the outside, how many person is taking to move a graph to scold the player let loose a stream of abuse against sb. How lamentable, can compare this more terrible is, be bitterly disappointed of a lot of players. Sufficient assist the sponsor that pulls to the player, help those who pat conduct propaganda inspect screen, ineffable became holothurian elder brother. Again how many person can remember them once grabbing a ball to contend for, bone of bridge of the nose was broken, rib was broken, knee broke. Who remembers that race of Korea again, we are bullied by Korea team member, must develop me in foremost face as captain. It is very easy to criticize and censure, him understanding is very difficult, what Chinese football should promote need is doer, is not clavier a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct.

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These a few years, result exceeds in bad, fall early or late firewood + be restricted firewood. Major now team defaults salary average 1 year of above. Change do any person, the boss tells us one year to cannot send salary to you, are you willing to continue to do what? But major player and club understand each other and trust, spend difficulty in all, to have deep love for, for feelings, also for the job. Still can have a few clubs, doing dirty thing, the money of foreign aids writtened guarantee, you are waiting for Chinese player, ripped original contract, force you sign to work close… who do these players look for to say, who can talk for them? The phenomenon with the strange occurrence on the net, want caption to follow a country only enough negative news is relevant, regular meeting grinds those who press a gender to obtain large flow. Keep taking rhythm, the bespatter that does not live. Yes, discharge is to obtain, but wish without the person,the meaning takes an examination of this among them real reason. I was not necessary to say a few problems originally, I had been absent the country became sufficient, but I am impassable with oneself namely, I am afraid of do not say now, said not to come out later. I imagine oneself and my present dialog after 10 years, feng Xiao Ting, you are foolish. You see you say these, he won’t be changed, the football won’t begin anew, everybody won’t build good atmosphere hard together, won’t very stick-to-itive is accumulated slowly when the flower leaves. You saw you regret. I speak my hind regret very hard, but I am doing the thing that belongs to me. The football is a green meal. Be about hard to go as a child harden oneself, make money with the body next, etc age is old, again beautiful money raises the body, how many player also left because of injury the competition ground that oneself have deep love for. Actually choice football is a gamble originally. Hazardous, bet future, bet can change life. I was retreated really quickly, a lot of things follow me drag in is not big, but now 00 hind, 05 hind the teenager of this side kickball, they paid 10 years, effort of 20 years, the effort of day after day and harden oneself, where is their future again? Lie make the same score? Feng Xiao Ting is fan to sign.

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When I experienced brilliant of football tall brightness, we won twice inferior Guan Guanjun, took champion of a lot of league matches, national group game won Korea twice, also hit a level in 12 strong competition. We did not take out these things to say every day, we arrived now trough, also did not complain too much, insist to do the business that oneself have deep love for everyday. As to pay, good when many what take, bad when those who take is little. This is market rule, we cannot be done advocate, but we are willing to lay in force when trough, await tall smooth hour again. I should be not to wait, but they can when. On this world, be the same as experience without real sense, on the chooses in oneself only way that we can make, do not abandon. I love this group, I love a football. In every case hears the trade that somebody pursues to me to gesticulate, my metropolis is uncomfortable, even if be a friend,also be no good. You can say me, but you say my team, say our bank course of study, say my people is no good namely. I respect every industry, it is athlete hardship not merely actually. All trades and professions is not easy, have a plenty of can see, have a plenty of the feel sad that hides rearward. I am very long trashy small gain, besides training, match, I can be in when idle B of small Gong Shuhe stands, share the result of a few kickball, knowledge, skill, I very of the intention go managing, the person that likes a football can look, the meeting is helpful to you. Finally, football of my hope China can better. Football athlete, football elder, football media person and each media platform, we are the one member of Chinese football, common cause of everybody is to hope Chinese football is better, that we why not OK from better point of view, go report and digging a story, with more of acumen does energy go explore and pondering over our football? If football person self-distrust, without what that China football is good really expect.

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