Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Response of Zhang Lan direct seeding thinks grandchildren does not say to participate in the child to raise the issue of authority too much 20220315040234 62300fdaa7304Response of Zhang Lan direct seeding thinks Sun Er Recently, zhang Lan opens direct seeding in gregarious Zhang date, respond to netizen problem, the netizen asks between direct seeding Zhang Lan wants not to think grandchildren, she is laughing at an answer: “Think of course, how can you think? If you, do you think? But, always cannot resemble auspicious forest elder brother’s wife in that way, say to want every day, the word that think takes care of him, waiting for Sun Er to be brought up! ” the netizen offers recapture child raises advantageous position, zhang Lan laughs at character: “Come to what recapture, ah, I do not participate in some things more, had done oneself, the business has been done, it is the most important to had done the person had done the person. ” it is reported, big S and Wang Xiaofei divorce after 3 months, shine before marrying 20 years, old bit love Han provides Jun Ye. On March 12, wang Xiaofei phonates first today, peace of strong harmonic big S divorces, and ” bless Xu Xiyuan happiness. And ” bless Xu Xiyuan happiness..

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