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Original title: ” still feed ” the director gave Zhu Zhan radical to arrange 3 feeling line, but what he loves most is her however! Character of # Wu Jin still feeds # article / the new theatrical work of character of Luo Xiaoke Wu Jin ” still feed ” take change very delicate in a subtle way, dish of avery kind of ties each frame appearance too many beautiful things, lying between screen to be able to feel balmy and tangy, let a person be being chased after chasing after the taste bud that wants cannot refrain fromingly to tick off a the tip of the tongue to go up. The new part that makes triumphant solution lock this is Zhu Zhan radical, he is big bright Huang Taisun, complete in both respects of civil and military has Yong Youmou, disposition has the one side of high-spirited and vigorous, also have composed and sagacious impression. Although Zhu Zhan radical is carrying halo on the head to containing golden key, but he is arrogant and wilful without a bit capricious, protect father Zhu Gaochi to avoid the blow that suffers two uncle time and again, fell in love with the Yao Zijin of intelligent beauty later, two people see from now on admire. The director in drama gave Zhu Zhan radical to arrange 3 feeling line, among them Hu Shanxiang lives for familial honor from beginning to end, business of Wu Cai favor is profound know well give the impression of weakness, yao Zijin is intelligent and control oneself, but what he loves most is her however!

One, Hu Shanxiang

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Of Zhang Nan personate is Hu Shanxiang this part, she is the Huang Taisun the wife of a prince of identity nobility, also be the first wife wife of Zhu Zhan radical, disposition Wen Wan is calm, because of Jiang Xiangrui of the day when be born, suffer fully so familial value and expect. Original Hu Shanxiang is married Zhu Zhan radical, because bear is worn,be familial expect and responsibility, she is cooler to the manner of hero, the marital be mingled with of two people is worn too much interest concerns. Until witnessed Zhu Zhan radical not to move to Yao Zijin deep feeling, introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad be apt to is admiring jealousy hate completely in auspicious heart, just walked up gradually black the way that change. She begins to go out to Yao Zijin enrolled, sufferred Zhu Zhan radical however as a result cold-shoulder, a complete just miss the opportunity with empress.

2, Yao Zijin

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Of personate of Wu Jin character is heroine Yao Zijin, she is the girl of common and ordinary family, have deep love for cate and hutch art, want to become with respect to encourage annals as a child outstanding still feed. Because of accidental fortune, yao Zijin and Huang Taisun Zhu Zhan base meet by chance, the seed that left lot is buried sadly between two people. Although Zhu Zhan radical the hutch of special appreciation Yao Zijin art with ability, but Yao Zijin is holding sober head from beginning to end, she is right career hammer and tongs, came true eventually old since the dream that still should feed. In big ending, yao Zijin and Zhu Zhan base hand in hand survive, career of two people marriage not by accident, became final life to win the home.

3, Wu Cai’s person

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What Wangke is like personate is Wu Cai’s person this part, her disposition is lively and clamorous, look be like foolish having a place foolish honest and sincere, actually is clever to extremely, although she is not of Zhu Zhan radical love most and Bai Yueguang, depending on wisdom stand firm however calcaneal. Every time follows Zhu Zhan radical to meet, wu Cai’s person always is joke 100, she likes all lively work, be slighted by Huang Taisun however, silently for company the other side acts in a play. Although talk Yao Zijin of be not a patch on of talent Wu Cai’s person, also be inferior to Hu Shanxiang by one’s previous experience, but the business that discuss situation is take everything into one’s own hands however, it is real world regains consciousness, know interesting thing searchs to dismiss in deep palace courtyard days, come him please has joy, she is loving Zhu Zhan radical with the means that bears reason quite all the time.

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Like to install foolish charge the Wu Cai’s person that be stupefied, incite Hu Shanxiang later, point to contradiction Yao Zijin of rival in love continuously, she became the accomplice after Hu Huang because of the interest, ending made key point of Zhu Zhan radical in ” the meal is sticky child ” . Everybody is close people, you how the main actor teleplay such as Chu Ran of character of look upon Wu Jin, Xu Kai, king, He Ruixian, Wang Yizhe ” still feed ” ? The welcome leaves a message! Author: Luo Xiaoke, one marries the mom of Taiwan, everything what be written in Taiwan, hold fan at a review of a play of of all kinds film review. Do not forget first heart, from beginning to end.

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