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Original title: Drama of love of new ancient costume will raid, silvan faery ” dally with ” free little gentleman, cast surprise is ceaseless Recently, many platform were announced 2022 wait for sow drama piece odd, among them, the drama of movie and TV of subject matter of ancient costume love, occupied very large space, in drama of a lot of ancient costume love, ” unreal happy forest ” cry house does not fall high. This drama renown ” paraselene ยท green Guang Senlin ” , you Aiji art platform, open medium of fast heart happy culture to manufacture jointly, hold the position of a director by He Honghui, Liang Wenge, be about to land love to surprise art platform broadcasts solely.

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The word says, in Dong Cheng mainland everybody all loves swing, free little Jun Yunmu is natural also scramble for sth, in asking for the way that picks musician toward Yun Yao afore, mill of happy mill of come across green light advocate Su Refei, from this two people the knot left a paragraph of not predictable wonderful lot. . . . . This drama besides story set interesting besides, actor respect also is intention fine suffering likewise, not only the affiliation that has Neozoic actor, still invited many actual strength to send an actor to aid at the same time blast, arrive from the main actor costar, the surprise is ceaseless. Xu Jiaqi, personate Su Refei

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Silvan faery ” Su Refei ” the person that act is Xu Jiaqi, the Neozoic actor that was born 1995 holds a singer concurrently, woman group goes, in ” youth has you 2 ” in circle pink countless, go out subsequently acted ” Yun night tide is passed ” , ” flexibly fragrant Fei ” wait for heat to sow drama, so deep that the audience loves. Wei Zheming, personate cloud wash one’s hair

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Elegant teenager, free little gentleman ” Yun Mu ” by Neozoic actor Wei Zheming goes out act. He can say is Xin Jin person energy of life is little was born, sheet was 2022 there are 5 to wait for in the hand sow drama, future but period ah! Wu Xize, personate Jin Shangyu

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Sing jump all beautiful, affectionate money, organ is magnetic tender, it is simply pure desire. 2017, ginseng perform green God theatrical work ” meteoric garden ” , in the personate in drama ” Xi Menyan ” one horn, circle pink countless. Zhang Yue, personate Su Reshan

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This actor, believe authority is not new, be in ” 30 just ” in, because of personate ” green tea ” part, expose to the sun thereby by the net, flank affirmed her acting, the ancient costume in this drama plays the part of clear pure nature, make a person enchanted. Huang You bright, personate Yun Shang

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Huang You bright model a gender extremely strong, go out early or late performed work of much ministry movie and TV, even if is a nobody, but the impression that gives a person however is extremely deep, especially ” if exemplary,pass ” medium ” Li Yu ” , earn sufficient the tear of the audience. Lu Zhaohua, personate oriole

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Choose excellent program to give the Lu Zhaohua of the path, be graduated from central music institute, the singer holds an actor concurrently, all-round, sing jump all beautiful, disposition is optimistic, the girl of a vigour of appropriate appropriate. Xu Fangzhou, personate is small 7

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It is to choose excellent program to go out likewise, the Xu ark glamour on arena is infinite, also can encircle likewise on the performance can nod, in suspense drama ” trace ” in the hot-blooded youth police of personate one horn, thorough popular feeling. Zhang Zhaohui, personate Dong Cheng’s feudal lord

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He can be actor of Hong Kong old brand, radio autograph arranges actor, piece performed work of movie and TV of close the tuber of stemona, acting is masterly, manner modesty, harvested the favour of countless inland audience. Yang Mingna, madam of personate hill

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She also is the familiar face in drama of movie and TV, went out 1996, the clever show of southern girl and soft beauty are had alone on the body, cooperate with Yuzheng for many times, presented each fresh and stereo part for the audience. A paragraph of strange unreal is sweet love, depend on each other of a fate, ” unreal Le Senlin ” raid in the future namely, expect please!

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