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Original title: The force with which sth breaks out of Chen Xingxu new theatrical work is roaring, successive champion of day of 3 days of heat, the rank already overtook ” exploit ” ! ! Someone says present teleplay is too flush, uneven, manufacture in a rough way. Good theatrical work is very actually much still, period of time gives 9, enough authority is not had seam caught up with. Believe a lot of people are in the get onning by September has the line looked ” exploit ” ? Now, october had gone one most, another new theatrical work is in fervent perform, the main actor is Chen Xingxu

20220315070243 62303a1322e4d

Teleplay of 03010- October explosion ” exploit ” can saying is the person energy of life that has his and topic. Going up line, later, it won the support of the audience very quickly. A lot of people say it will be October to explode paragraph teleplay, because it is going up,basically be line, the viewing rate of a few TV stations is maintained in 2 the left and right sides, public praise is as high as 9.1.

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” exploit ” , this work related the story of 8 exploit character. The means that uses movie and TV tells about what they had done to be beneficial to the old practice that the country develops, it is a significant work undoubtedly. October itself is mainstream month, ” exploit ” the type is the same as in great majority show itself in work.

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This teleplay not only cast is powerful, gut is enough also absorbing, so overall for, the it doesn’t matter of good theatrical work that is a high quality is bad. At present ” exploit ” the unit that has replaced Zhou Xun personate, the story also moves toward end gradually, as if public praise has stood firm.

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” exploit ” show itself in new theatrical work drama of movie and TV ” on line, ” wait for much department work already in succession final version. Well-known, ” the truth ” be October explode money work. Gut goes gradually now from the back, the audience also can begin to pay close attention to other work, a lot of teleplay are booked broadcast. So go up what does the line have to be worth the teleplay that we pay close attention to?

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(Kiku of the line on 1) ” exploit ” above all, kiku heats up sowed ancient costume drama ” fine south pass ” it is one overturned the work that a lot of audiences know to problem of drama of contemporary ancient costume. A lot of model of Kiku are very excellent, viewpoint of value is online. After broadcasting, a lot of people looked.

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(2) Chen Xingxu acts the leading role ” fine south pass ” . Chen Xingxu acts the leading role ” the truth ” had become a new heat to sow drama, a lot of people from on it is looking all the time since the first day of the line. Going up line, after 5 days ” the truth ” , it shows itself from inside newest work. ” the truth ” this drama is the suspense work about crack a criminal case. The drama of movie and TV of this kind of type has very big appeal to most audience.

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And ” the truth ” male advocate it is the Chen Xingxu with a lot of very familiar audiences, it is one can be walked out of ” the truth ” actor. In those days the value of Chen Xingxu ancient costume lets countless vermicelli made from bean starch sink into, and she changed modern dress now, simply handsome to let you open do not open his eyes. This is tall Yan Zhinan’s magical glamour probably.

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” east palace ” leave after sowing, a lot of audiences are discussing and watch. Regard a suspense as work, satisfied the taste of a lot of youths, many person energy of life and person energy of life collected inside short time so. Make public for, ” the truth ” mix impossibly popular teleplay is same, but this drama opens the military successes after sowing to let a person be surprised however.

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” the truth ” military successes is laudable. Why to say ” the truth ” be the play with a violent the force with which sth breaks out? Actually very simple, going up because of this work the person morale after the line is very high really, its military successes is worth commend. Everybody’s attention is in this paragraph of time centrally ” the truth ” on, ” exploit ” broadcast can saying is soundless, but heat still cannot be kept out.

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(1) showing tremendous enthusiasm gains the championship 3 days continuously. ” the truth ” after broadcasting, got of a lot of youths chase after hold in both hands, recently also gradually from on cut a figure in string writing. And be in 5 days short inside, already successive 3 days continue to hold a title a list of names posted up of popular a list of names posted up head. That is to say the person of this drama enrages already successive Duoridi one, the person that sees it is thus clear that is very much.

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(Rank of 2) showing tremendous enthusiasm is surmounted ” the truth ” . Be worth what carry is, present ” exploit ” person morale is very high, will exploded October watch, but ” exploit ” the person enrages a rank or can catch up with ” the truth ” . So although this work is net drama only, conduct propaganda also does not reach the designated position, but the person is enraged or blot out the sky and cover up the earth.

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” exploit ” for the audience that sees play of suspense crack a criminal case to liking very sweet really. The audience that likes this sort teleplay so still is worth to look. Good, full text is shared come here end. What view do you have? Fizzle out to tell everybody with how leaving a message!

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