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Original title: ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” : Where is the difference of good acting and sodden acting, do not have harm without contrast From ” between the world ” in fabaceous valve, since achieving masterpiece of 8.1 minutes, a lot of new theatrical work began new round contend for hegemony.

20220315070400 62303a60714e1

Noonday sunshine manufactures ” meet season ” brought middleaged love and of all sorts of dog blood elements ” hodgepodge ” , let an audience minute minutes see enough. ” our marriage ” , by Bai Baihe and Tong Dawei, main actor, focusing female is mixed in marriage the problem in duty field, reflected true life condition, caused the netizen’s resonance.

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However surprising is, the suspense net theatrical work that has a small cost unexpectedly ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” show itself centrally from numerous drama. Go up line 8 days, single platform broadcasts a quantity to already was broken through 300 million, crushing and all popular drama, win entire network heat.

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In the meantime, this drama is in fabaceous valve, also harvested many reputably, netizen comment says, this drama text is original, rhythm is fast, it is certain to be had invert suspense feeling. But the inadequacy that also the netizen pointed out an actor. Acting is good where is the distinction that differs with acting, be clear at a glance. Did not compare, do not have harm.

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Acting of actor of bone feeling stage explodes canopy, JC-T surprise again and again. Actually ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” have stage to maintain, we looked for the actor with 3 preeminent actual strength. One is Qin Hailu, his ” dove chirp ” , ” red broomcorn ” , ” glorious mission ” wait for drama very classical also. In this play, she acts a director piece, a famous policewoman. Qin Hailu style is clean all the more, meticulous hairstyle and orderly police uniform, have a leader very much wind model.

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When communicating with subordinate in the conference, also be to maintain leadership position, look earnest and grave, but the meeting is casual reveal humor one side, the expression that uses a kind of fun gives subordinate allocation the job, get the leader figure apply colours to a drawing with a cogitative, dramatic image lifelike.

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The 2nd is house Bin, he also because be in ” between the world ” in act Gong Wei criterion and get attention fully, he also revealed his masterly acting in this new theatrical work.

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House Bin personate an old gumshoe, have a few stories and vicissitudes of life. Can say to act such part without striking a blowing. When explaining a circumstance with teammate, he is opened slightly big eye, stretched piece the mouth in order to highlight the authenticity of the story. Natural, his expression is done not have pretentious piece, this explains this part is a bit swashbuckling very easily the characteristic with extroversion. The 3rd is Wang Xiao, can says ” gold costar ” . He is in ” 3 unripe sansei 10 lis of peach blossom ” the impression that medium wonderful performance gave an audience to leave profundity, later ” years drifting gold ” , ” the Gansu since wind on the west ” wait for work to also appear in succession.

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In this play, wang Xiao performs Debuduo. He should be to gues-star a part. His personate the police of a justice, also be male advocate boss, because set always appears in memory. Strong recognition male advocate when, I resemble a good eldest brother. See the other side got hurt, bought beverage to help him put apply on the ice. My brows tightens a lock, the eyes is a bit helpless, but there is no lack of again the color that feel distressed, showed my sentiment apparently. 4e511311169878ffb217caedbfb036e1.jpg-qsy.jpg"> follow-up is to mix male advocate meet in the police station, there is some of astonishment apparently in the eyes, connect mouth not self-conscious also magnify, in open-eyed eyes more also be happy, have a pair of sense of pride greatly, the affection that handles detail is deduced incisively and vividly.

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Still have an accident surprise, it is Tan Jian second performance, he is not one’s previous experience of regular professional training, but because go out,had performed each big play anthology, experience quite abundant, the role that performs a division of this imitate picture so has distinguishing feature extremely, can freely all sorts of mood switch.

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Of the doubt that faces a suspect, teacher die wait a circumstance a moment to be able to show a different sentiment, get character depict extremely full, gave an audience to take the place of enoughly to feel.

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Small expression commutation is too frequent, fetching give play ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” make choice of male advocate Jin Shijia is actually relatively stick a face, after all height has enough advantage, the appearance also is to leading ruffian energy of life, two male advocate the station raises a key point all the more together. But the bank that Jin Shijia has not to stride the past all the time, it is he is in ” love apartment ” in the Liu Zhanbo of personate too too thorough popular feeling, it is to arrive even he appears, the audience is mentioned ” extend gain ” name. The Jin Shijia in these a few years also is fumbling all the time all sorts of acting art course, piece acted ” 20 not be puzzled ” , ” sweep black ยท decisive battle ” the work that waits for different type, once also dreamed to finish, gues-starred ” American header 3 ” .

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But be in ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” in, jin Shijia has the beard of characteristic extremely without put apart, the regression on outer form is classical, at the same time acting also has some ” put ” composition, bring about showed a kind of modern drama fully kind performance form.

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Below such performance, beautiful meets golden world to make all sorts of small expression casually, when speaking with the leader, can toot even the mouth, pop eye is every collect almost necessary, it is to want to show out body the one side of relatively unripe activation, but make a person however,the dream is answered ” extend gain ” give play minute minutes. Having a paragraph of show also is to mix another male advocate undertake communicating, the eye is groovy type as before open big, carry on brow, the expression that alternates often with these will show the change of the mood, regrettablly too spend surplus at the surface, can be corporeal only but without the god.

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Also be to many netizens discovered this problem, also somebody feels he is to had exerted oneself to do sth. fierce, but say a truth is probable or because Jin Shijia wants to eat this ” bonus ” just can deduce a few moods painstakingly, so that acting respect sufferred doubt.

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Do not cross Jin Shijia the small issue on these acting, also not be too big to integral influence, just be to appear a little green really before bone of a lot of play acerbity.

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Altogether, ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” clarity of story sequence of ideas is clear, not only bureau be confined to checks case itself, pay attention to Yujinei more nuclear problem, gut quality is able to assure, the most actor in drama was to take out groove, contribute tall smooth acting, your audience can’ts help the ground is deep-set among them. And as male advocate one of Jin Shijia, acting respect is denounced by a few netizens, because want to had acted too,the likelihood also is, bring about some to had exerted oneself to do sth. fierce, present the result not beautiful, but believe as the character grow, jin Shijia can show a better acting, give everybody the surprise, OK still and great attention.

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