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Original title: 8 edition paragraph praise difference is big! Somebody Yu Shulin wind, somebody careless and casual, new edition by ridicule too woman! Recently, yu Rongguang edition ” day dragon 8 ” sow, cause netizen insanity to spit groove. Poplar Dai is peaceful, the Qiao Feng that act, too ugly the chamfer that be spat by the netizen, simply hot eye; Su Qing, the A of personate bright red, age is too old the chamfer that be spat by the netizen, do not have the sensation that became beautiful girl completely; Gao Taiyu, a surname of personate answer be spoken to be by the netizen ” east is indefectible ” ; Still have be annoyed by the netizen critically to do not have temperament, without Yan Zhi, do not have acting ” 3 without the actor ” leading role paragraph praise,

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Still have the model of complete theatrical work, also let a person feel very Lei Ren. There is a big tire on every part head almost. Do not know how modelling division looks? This among them, most let a person not have of language should belong to hero paragraph praise, by personate of young actor Bai Shu. Although in the novel paragraph praise very foolish, but he also is a brilliant son, otherwise he won’t be liked by so much girl. Of Dan Yurong smooth edition paragraph praise not only temperamental and conspicuous, and appearance and countenance are like person meaning very much, hard to avoid causes censure.

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From 20 centuries since 80 time, gold needs knight-errant drama becomes a writer love most, a few classic tales are taken break up repeatedly pat. According to statistic, to 2021, only ” day dragon 8 ” around took an examination of 9 version. Leading role paragraph praise (Hong Kong film ” day dragon 8 clever hill child Lao ” , without the part paragraph praise) altogether has 8 version, each have each expression, appear to the audience go out to be experienced differently.

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The first edition: 1977 edition, li Xiuxian personate paragraph praise 1977, ” day dragon 8 ” appear on big screen first. Of this version ” day dragon 8 ” it is film of a Hong Kong, have with original very big different. Main character is carried like sheet piece paragraph praise a masterstroke tries to adapt, qiao Feng, xu Zhu and Wang Yuyan did not appear. This film told about Duan Yufu to kiss Duan Zhengchun, young when special romance, but his husband discovers he and others have extramarital affair. Duan Zhengchun is unreasonable, broke the leg of her husband.

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Later, paragraph praise was born. Because do not like to be taught by parents, went so all corners of the country. Anguine daughter is encountered in road, obtain military accomplishment, become unique past master. In this film, paragraph praise it is absolutely leading role. Act paragraph praise, li Xiuxian is behaved quite well.

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Li Xiuxian is Hong Kong, player of old brand star, his behavioral show is first-rate. Although tendon of his all over the body is phlogistic, let a person played not to rise a bit, but this figure is accorded with at that time aesthetic. Li Xiuxian is double gold actor, had taken Jinmajin to resemble award, acting affirmation is trashy. As original paragraph praise, actor, li Xiuxian is not Yu Shu – the figure of childe elder brother of the sort of gentle adn cultivated of Like, however a strong man. Nevertheless ” day dragon 8 ” this version is not sent according to origianl work, so understandable.

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The second edition: 1982 edition (drama edition) , soup presses down personate of course of study paragraph praise 1982 two edition ” day dragon 8 ” , say first ” day dragon legend of sword of 8 god of arteries and veins, Xu Zhu ” . This drama issues two on cent, on half ” sword of god of 6 arteries and veins ” , below half ” empty bamboo legend ” . ” day dragon 8 ” be patted for the first time teleplay, this version and origianl work agree basically.

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The leading role of the first film is regard Dali as prince paragraph praise, he does not like to learn wushu, but pace of his meeting Xiang Wei and sword of god of 6 arteries and veins learn Ling Bo. A few girls on Duan Yuai. , also be father is bastard female. Encountered Qiao Feng, Xu Zhu later, the knot defies together for brother a surname of great villain in drama answer. This one ending and origianl work differ somewhat, qiao Feng is peaceful commit suicide, xu Zhu also sacrifices to eliminate a surname answer.

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Paragraph praise the leading role that regards this as department theatrical work, by famed star Shang Zhen course of study acts the leading role. Soup town line of business has developed ” Shanghai beach ” , ” Chu Liuxiang ” , it is big wrist of a gleam of already, acting still is some. Soup still also calculates when town line of business is young Confucianism elegant, it is the harbor that this teleplay is a model only piece style, affirmation is little not the composition that make show. Serve as so drama edition takes the place of first paragraph praise, a few less childe gas and celestial being are angry, many somes hale and true, overall for pretty good still.

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The 3rd edition: 1982 edition (shadow edition) , of edition of shadow of Duanyu of personate of soup town line of business ” day dragon 8 ” , not as big as drama edition distinction, director and major actor were not changed, the person that have Qiao Feng’s personate only, changed Xu Shaojiang by Liang Jiaren. The teleplay of 50 collect, although condensed 98 minutes, but this some gut has basically, still calculate so that finish whole.

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A surname answer is mad drop, tall peak commit suicide, duanyu and empty bamboo lived to come down. Because mix drama edition difference is not big, the expression of soup town line of business as before dovish, do not have with drama edition how old difference. He still is can Wen Nengwu, can perform what can hit paragraph praise childe, the girl since hold up comes also is do a job with skill and ease, the key is figure very good really.

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The soup in those days presses down course of study, be worth career summit summit period, return and ” hero ejaculation vulture is passed ” medium Weng Meiling mentioned love. Regrettablly, this elder brother spends a heart a bit, bring about Weng Meiling finally extremely sad. Though Weng Meiling’s dying and he does not have immediate impact, but because,also having a lot of reasons is he, after Weng Meiling is so dead, his career also sufferred inflict heavy losses on. At this late hour, soup pressed down course of study to become bald-headed fat younger brother of one’s father early, but see the figure when he is young, have the capital that attracts a girl really, be worthy of is generation elegant beautiful childe.

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The 4th edition: 1990 edition, guan Lijie personate paragraph praise 1990 ” day dragon 8 ” , produce from at Taiwan area, quite as big still as the style difference of before a few edition. Gut and origianl work difference are quite big also, xu Zhu was incorporated paragraph praise on the body, two parts became. At the same time of this edition ” day dragon 8 ” , briefer also, have 20 market only, the ending of the story is more illegible also. The Hong Kong film of 80 time, with the movement piece give priority to, so ” day dragon 8 ” dozen of drama in is more.

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Taiwan pays attention to feeling more, of this one edition ” day dragon 8 ” , the plan that feeling makes fun of is a bit heavier. Personate of this one edition paragraph praise Guan Lijie, appearance is very handsome, more the hero that resembling is antediluvian idol play. Although ” day dragon 8 ” it is drama of a knight-errant, this one edition however more resemble idol play, leading role paragraph praise unlike charges a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct that swings all corners of the country person, more the image of childe elder brother that deflection sheds Ti Tang at wind.

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Besides ” day dragon 8 ” , guan Lijie still has acted the leading role ” peerless double arrogant ” ” inn of new dragon a hanger-on of an aristocrat ” ” knife of small Li Fei ” etc, his figure also very the set that accords with tasteful childe. Be in whole 90 time, guan Lijie calculates going up is best-selling Taiwan actor, cooperative boy or girl friend is very old also Ga, his figure also is the 80 memory after.

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The 5th edition: 1997 edition, personate of Chen Hao civilian paragraph praise of this one edition ” day dragon 8 ” , be more classical. With 82 edition ” day dragon 8 ” same, 97 edition still are make by TVB, it is typical TVB style as before. Interesting is, in the Huang Rihua of bamboo of empty of the personate in 82 edition, in 97 edition criterion personate liver of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct the Xiao Feng of justice bravery, also made generation classical.

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Of this one edition paragraph praise, by TVB one of the most well-known actresses, personate of Chen Hao civilian. Appearance of Chen Hao civilian is handsome, it is one of the most classical TVB actors, acting in a play also is classical TVB style. So of his personate paragraph praise, thick TVB color, have a few cold humour, earnest when very handsome, still be grinning cheekily for the most part.

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Monologize is TVB more very a very big characteristic, the actor likes to say to oneself, paragraph praise Yi Ru this. Still have even if pay attention to dozen of play very much, regard a knight-errant as drama, the behavioral joke of Chen Hao civilian is not little still. On the whole for, the Duan Yurou of personate of Chen Hao civilian was mixed a lot of, also there is no lack of however knight-errant wind model, so this one edition is more classical.

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But in heart of a lot of audiences, edition of Chen Hao civilian is the most classical still is the Xiao Feng of Huang Rihua personate. Affection of deep, children grows sentiment of the chivalrous courage that he tells Xiao Feng, brother, and ethical cardinal principles of righteousness of personate reach the designated position, let an audience very much era is entered feeling, so that 20 pass more, everybody or meeting speak highly of his acting.

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The 6th edition: 2003 edition, lin Zhiying personate paragraph praise of 03 edition ” day dragon 8 ” , also be an audience accepted very classical one edition. Above all gut basically agrees with origianl work, zhang Jizhong serves as producer, on the style origianl work of all along special esteem. Do not cross the Qiao Feng of this one edition, let many audiences denounce. The tall peak heavy in origianl work is big, medium figure, photograph of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad army commander too a tough guy, not agree with apparently.

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Paragraph praise accord with origianl work quite, of Lin Zhiying personate paragraph praise, it is simply paragraph praise oneself. Did not describe directly in origianl work paragraph praise appearance, it is flank depict, but can know basically also, paragraph praise the figure of modest modest childe that is a Wen Runru jade. This one Lin Zhiying, just has this kind of feeling, and return vital energy of part celestial being, the Lin Zhiying of gentle basically is paragraph praise oneself.

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The 7th edition: 2013 edition, jin Qifan personate paragraph praise of 13 edition ” day dragon 8 ” , hold out those who make a person speechless, do not say gut first, choose horn to hold out unimaginably queer letting a person. Zhong Hanliang temperament scholar is elegant amiable, a Bai Yi, it is absolutely paragraph praise not 2 person selected. However he is in drama, of personate is Qiao Feng.

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Paragraph praise it is by personate of Korea actor Jin Qifan, jin Qifan is sung with the man jump combination happens, act in a play very few a few, acting is not valued. Of his personate paragraph praise, too sedulous, give a person the sense of a kind of careless and casual, it is probably cannot him dub, bring about he always makes fun of some pieces. In propagandist placard, jin Qifan’s laugh is very artificial, by many netizen make it expressional bag, at this late hour still is mocked.

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For photograph comparing Duanyu and tall peak, this one edition most let what the person mocks should belong to Wang Yuyan, by ” face-lifting belle ” piece Meng personate. The force of some company holds the Zhang Mengshi at that time in both hands floret, but her face because move a knife, lost already nature and clever, differ with Wang Yuyan very far, be called by the netizen even ” the ugliest Wang Yuyan ” .

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The 8th edition: 2021 edition, white personate timelying rain paragraph praise of Yu Rongguang version paragraph praise, can says history on most a of the woman, of the director aesthetic can’t help letting hostage doubt. Nearly two years, amusement chooses excellent program to explode inside fire, brought up the male star that many Korea change, their common feature is: The woman in the woman is angry. One’s previous experience of regular professional training makes fun of on Bai Shu, although be,through becoming trainee has his moment, more or less is acting still some. But in this one edition ” day dragon 8 ” in, the audience has not seen Bai Shu’s acting, be persuaded to retreat by his modelling.

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Regard ancient costume as drama, of white personate timelying rain paragraph praise, leaving very contemporary inclined bang. More those who let a person be accepted hard is, bai Shu lies in the facial ministry close-up of aboard, a huge ear is nailed extremely dazzling. Do not talk about acting appearance first, light is modelling, bai Shu is judged for history on most of the woman paragraph praise. Paragraph praise it is one of form with Jin Yong the most classic novel, the knight-errant of lofty ideal enrages the celestial being gas that colour atlas of this one horn added up to elegant childe and lofty sentiments at a suit, hold harder so. ” day dragon 8 ” was broken up to be patted a lot of times, can paragraph praise this one part portrays successful person, very few however, this Bai Shu is to let a person be accepted hard more. So, of drama of a movie and TV it is very important to pick part, once choose horny mistake, can bring boundless implicative effect, also can affect the public praise of drama of movie and TV. — END —

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