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Original title: Mango stage was caught again ” king blast ” drama, 4 days ascend a heat a list of names posted up, is viewing rate lousy also 1? ? Speak of Hunan defending inspect, a lot of audiences can think of program of put together art. Be in after all program of put together art on this road, hunan is defended inspect do well all the time, not only phyletic and various, and film for years for the most part. But, because rectify and reform, ” happy base camp ” 1 ” every day up ” , these programs also got a few interference, this is defended in Hunan it seems that inspect began a reform.

20220315070459 62303a9b73d3c

Program of put together art tends energy, teleplay also changed. In the past, hunan is defended inspect the line on the work that often chooses green God theme. There is a lot of recently ” king blast ” drama. Among them, 10 thousand alizarin red of the main actor ” dozenth second ” harvested many good public praise.

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I think your ” dozenth second ” already very good. Doing not have those who think of is, mango stage one face about, captured ” the king of deepfry ” play. The top is ascended not only after the line on it, still enjoy impressive viewing rate. This teleplay reckons a lot of people are not new. This is by Liu Tao Helin acts the leading role ” stars sea “

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” stars sea ” this teleplay, can saying is heroine destiny arrives from twist the grow road of counterattack. Broadcast gave greatly ” king play ” . “Brief love ” he what have happy life originally, because of the mother disloyal the animosity with father, became orphan. After losing father and mother, jian Aiye was stared at to go up by her powerful aunt. To the deposit book that Jian Aifu’s mother keeps, her aunt asks actively to be kept by brief love

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Live in the brief love in depressed environment as a child, never abandon her dream. Later, she cannot attend a college, escape from inside the imprisonment of her aunt, go to Guangzhou working alone. In Liu Tao, below the deduction of brief love, ” rush about for the life ” the resonance that appeared to cause a lot of farmers successfully to be versed in.

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” stars sea ” when just was being sowed, be considered as the idol play of blood of a dog badly by accident by a lot of bone, pass the Liu Tao of 40 especially, the male partner that discharges when 2 is screaming to say ” I love you ” when, the audience cannot help breathing out greatly: Fat. Fortunately everybody did not quit this theatrical work, held to 4 days, discovery is very sweet really.

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As famous spend and of time line spin, ” stars sea ” the advantage of teleplay magnifies gradually, its military successes also ameliorates gradually. Short between 4 climate, ” stars sea ” violent wind of person energy of life rises, ascend this period person to enrage a list of names posted up of a list of names posted up head, chase after continuously ” break out of an encirclement ” , ” fine south pass ” wait for heat to sow drama.

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Data shows, ” stars sea ” heat is in promote gradually. From sow the first day, person energy of life shows ascendant trend all the time. Want to be updated only, person energy of life begins violent wind to rise. Visible ” stars sea ” be low the work that opens to go high.

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Of course, besides person energy of life, ” stars sea ” viewing rate is not poor. The person that pays close attention to at the beginning is not much, so viewing rate wanders in 0.3 the left and right sides. As the development of gut, the masses discovered this gradually ” king blast ” drama, viewing rate is broken through already 1. Look to come out a lot of people are looking.

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” stars sea ” begin is considered as dog blood theatrical work by accident by the audience really. After all mango stage the style of a lot of teleplay is idol play, cannot blame an audience completely. Not bad I did not quit this theatrical work. ” stars sea ” integral gut is ” really sweet ” , female advocate the counterattack of brief love returns afoot. It is reported, of new era female idiosyncratic also flaring.

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” stars sea ” can attract popular eyeball, develop besides follow-up gut, actually cast also is a dominant position that cannot ignore, powerful cast. , the viewing rate that decided this drama can rise successively with hot search.

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Female advocate Liu Tao is not little the actual strength in drama sends an actor, after reappearing, was to shape the many parts that make audience memory deep more, had Liu Tao to become so female advocate, the audience also is at ease really. And in drama ” brief love ” , below Liu Tao’s explanation, really very firm also, do not succumb to be set at the person of the destiny, let a person see have not at idol play female advocate foolish Bai Tian’s one side.

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Male advocate forest itself also is a public praise actor, although come on the stage frequency can be counted on one’s fingers, can be an audience however very expecting him to be acted with Liu Tao ” brief love ” follow-up gut. Altogether, ” stars sea ” be thought this to be dog blood theatrical work by accident by audience within an inch of ” king blast ” , be given to be caught by mango stage unexpectedly, must say, mango stage is in of transition respect aesthetic, really very accord with popular appetite.

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From ” dozenth second ” arrive ” stars sea ” , see not hard actually, present mango stage took the way of quality theatrical work gradually. The discharge idol play previously had not been very popular, return viewing rate to can win, changing also is affirmative, these year come, the masses defends inspected discharge controversy to Hunan bigger and bigger also, want to be approbated by the audience all the time, so be about to take out quality.

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Good, above is full text shared, just began transition to capture two ” king blast ” , the eye of mango stage is OK really, the work of this kind of high quality is great after the hope go up line, the sort of discharge ” foolish Bai Tian ” soap opera, it is nowadays no longer really the mainstream that drama of movie and TV encircles. Do you feel the eye choosing theatrical work after mango stage transition how? What view do you have to this? The welcome leaves a message tell everybody!

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