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Original title: American man arrived 26 years old to just discover, father has its person additionally, there still is 30 brothers sister outside Arrive as a child big, there is his child only in the home that American man of 26 years old brings Di Nabile Tuoli. Also accordingly, father mother is very fond of to him have add, he also must hold out happiness and joy too. Nevertheless, in the heart, andy feels some are strange always however.

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The near future, he what can’t restrain curiosity, went doing detect, cannot think of, received however ” surprise ” . Andy this year 26 years old, he is a little fat, leaving the bingle of a black, like to laugh. In one’s childhood, andy is mixed like other classmate the friend is same, go to school, amuse oneself, the time passes carefreely. However, as grown, andy begins to realize, between oneself and father mother, put in a few difference it seems that. Above all, his height compares father mother tower above a lot of. Of course, this, still perhaps can use the reason such as food, alimentation and motion to explain.

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But, not only such, andy returns discovery, his disposition is very lively extroversion, and have musical talent very much. And this is done not have, the upper part of the body come out now in body of his father mother. In brain, andy emerged suddenly an idea: Perhaps he is not father mother one’s own. But, think of father mother is so good to oneself, andy denied this notion again. However, one think better of, distrustful thought jumped out again. Suspicion is negative, suspect again, again negative… two kinds of thought are in Andy’s brain, reappear repeatedly instead now, of brandish do not go. The near future, andy cannot help eventually and father mother, disclosed this opinion, still put forward hope and them to be done together detect. At that time, father mother of Andy listened, what to say, also do not have those who reject Andy to offer. At the beginning, andy still thinks he thought more. But, come out when the result, andy was frightened however jump. Show on the file, major blood relationship is Andy’s father France and England, however the French blood relationship that Andy has 14 % only however, and the British blood relationship of 11 % .

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And on the side of in Andy’s mother name, appeared the name of a man that does not know. This man comes from Mexico, he is dear father of Andy. Through farther search, andy still has more major discovery. Original, his dear father is more than still have his child, however 30. That is to say, andy still has 30 brother sister outside. And in these brotherly sisters, his seniority the 2nd. This discovery lets Andy indeed, feel fab. Actually more than Andy, the father mother that is bringing up him all the time also cannot think of. Meanwhile, they are afraid, this result perhaps can make Andy sad, affect Andy and their relation. Facing Andy, his father is comforted, although Andy is not of his one’s own, but he assures, this won’t change their relationship, they remain families. Actually, although Andy does not have expect to loving his father all the time,not be dear father, there is some of lose more or less in the heart. But, all the time since father very care he, this has let him feel content with one’s lot. Besides, at a draught much so much family, andy feels very happy instead. Ground of his too impatient to wait wants to understand them, contact with them.

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It is reported, the 30 brother sister of dear father of Andy and Andy, already built a page in gregarious media, recorded their life. Andy is browsing the content on the page seriously, over, the brotherly sisters that Andy sees him are mixed father, in the gad on the ave, talk of everything happily. That momently, how does he want to join this community. Before long, andy contacted them. Although apart is very far, and never had met before this, but Andy ases if with them at the beginning have the topic that is not over a little. Andy has tried even successive 4 days, everyday 10 hours, with them video chats. Andy detects, between he and brotherly sister and dear father, have a lot of similar place. Most brother sister, have musical talent with him, have a little sister among them or attended ” American God ” choose excellent program. Not only such, andy and dear father still have likewise professional master’s degree, the working quality of two people is same also. This is to let a person feel special coincidence really, and this is inherent probably, cut ceaseless ligament to make like that. (floret) Bin FUN world

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