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Original title: ” meet season ” overall situation already was decided! Be repentant of sincerity of peaceful excuse me, jian Hongcheng casts off 2 troubles ” meet season ” the city affection drama that is a popularity, by thunder favorable reply, yuan Quan and Zhang Yi start main actor foundation finally the prevue of a few collect, ” meet season ” overall situation already was decided! Ning Shu repents sincerely, jian Hongcheng cast off two troubles. Next, the author will announce specific detail for you.

20220315070535 62303abfa5b8a

About Ning Shu open-armed be repentant coulds there be excuse me is this drama heroine Ning You, little brother. Be being mixed at first is not, however, they are Hao He’s children, since Hao Zi after killing, their sibling complies with maternal advice, change name. Look in Ning Shu, jian Zhiguo is ineludible the responsibility for an offence that father dies. Because of Jian Hemin quick the childhood shade that brought special anguish to Ning Shu, so Ning Shu is maintained brief familial medium everybody is damage, it is the enemy of own life.

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For retaliation, ning Shu formulated 3 strategy. The first strategy is to be aimed at brief, brief he of great plan and Zhang Lixin plans to buy low this is opposite brief the village god with familial great sense. The 2nd strategy is aimed at Zhang Lixin above all, his coax Zhang Lixin uses a building on mortage, next he incites Zhang Lixin to carry paragraph abscond. The 3rd strategy is to be aimed at Jian Hong to pursue, use Jian Hong of Cheng Kexin calculate to pursue, let brief great plan and Jian Hongcheng perish together. Apparent, strategy of peaceful excuse me is only in a case succeeded, and be was solved ably by Jian Hongcheng, as to other two strategy, essential and trashy, another had cheated him. The 3rd action, hurl oneself willingly into the net. Will calculate with Cheng Kexin brief familial. Original, these 3 people failed, they did not cause any harm to Ning Shu, but the key of the problem is Ning Shu rage. Result, whole issue is very thorny. Once Cheng Kexin knows Ning Shu is using him, so peaceful excuse me will face the risk that is broken. In fact, in the prevue of the 37th collect, cheng Kexin left Ning Shu because of this thing. Those who cannot get is best forever. ” Cheng Kexin is furious ” give Ning Shu undoubtedly, ring alarm bell noisy, excuse me letting peace repents sincerely and endeavor to offset the harm that causes to other. 00-1010: ? Armpit of  of bewildered of Ju of redfish Sun 1 : Canister suddenly shakes? if Ning Shu is star-crossed, other part also is met healthy. With the hero of this play Jianhong is become, for exemple. As Ning Shu penitent, two big trouble of Jian Hongcheng were cast off thoroughly. Troublesome one: Ning Shu has loved a person only first and last, this person is however the daughter Hao of little sister and personal enemy.

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Accordingly, if Jian Hongcheng wants to excuse with peace, become reconciled, must recover Ning Shu, and he should be honest, cannot upset before peaceful excusing basis a few market easily forecast, ning Shu is already complete by Cheng Kexin, influence, no longer bear grudges anybody. Such, jian Hongcheng is bothered less. Troublesome 2: Chen Xin besides Ning Shu, jian Hongcheng wants to come true to excuse with peace, unified dream, still must conquer another person, that is Chen Xin

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Chen Xin Jian Hongcheng ex-wife. Jian Hongcheng is stemmed from appreciate and affection and Chen Xin marry. He never has thought somebody can be him to make so great sacrifice. But after they marry, jian Hongcheng discovers he should be not mixed suddenly Chen Xin, marry, because they are not stranger, cannot go together. The most terrible is, chen Xin always be ask for trouble, established a lot of hypothesises to oneself enemy. Although she and Jianhong are become, severed marital relationship, but she still annoys Jian Hongcheng, interfere Jian Hongcheng’s privacy. Be in nevertheless the 31st collect, chen Xin was at ease eventually, jian Hongcheng can continue and excuse develop steadily rather

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Above is ” meet season ” overall situation already was decided! Be repentant of sincerity of peaceful excuse me, jian Hongcheng casts off 2 troublesome material detailed informations.

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