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Original title: 86 edition ” on the west travel notes ” into classical, continuation why ” to turn over ” ? Netizen: Director Yang Jie changed Was born 1929 the Yang Jie of Shanghai, also be the strange woman that takes the earnest wish into reality actually, she likes to see a movie as a child, became an actor 1945, a when became Qingdao broadcast broadcasting station 1949; Centrally TV station is responsible 1958 hold guide the opera is artistic piece; The teleplay that she filmed life belongs to herself on real significance 1980 — ” Lao hill Taoism priest ” ; The 3rd teleplay with medium 1982 life ” on the west travel notes ” let her be on summit summit.

20220315070608 62303ae005554

” on the west travel notes ” last a period of time 6 years, the cost is very little, the viewing rate after broadcasting 86 years is as high as 89.4% however, rebroadcast exceeds 3000 times, the actor that each collect has left the country inside, obtained extremely tall attention to spend, first what Yang Jie also became 10 beautiful to direct, can saying is to used lowermost cost to achieve top return rate, a lot of people still are eating to now ” on the west travel notes ” bonus, and audience also all the time bear in mind constantly, hope China can give the teleplay with so classical more. Nevertheless everybody also knows, ” on the west travel notes ” funds is nervous, so ” cross river of exceeding lofty or great nearly ” , ” king of beautiful clever boy of true and false ” , ” Qing Niu receiving volt is strange ” , ” help bad children city ” , ” mountain of camel of suffocate suffocate lion ” these content can be not patted, this became the forever regret in Yang Jie heart, in the course dormancy of 10 years and after awaiting, CCTV was started afresh 1998 ” on the west travel notes ” continuation films after the plan, yang Jie again ” go to take up office ” , this she still lofty aspirations and great ideals.

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But everybody also saw final result, ” on the west travel notes continuation ” viewing rate is insufficient ” on the west travel notes ” half, mere 30% , the to it evaluation on the network also is disappointed, regretful perhaps, affection is deeper still have gnash a few times, up-to-date still many people sigh with emotion ” on the west travel notes continuation ” be ” ruin the effect by adding sth superfluous ” , be ” pen of one defeat utterly ” , be ” to turn over ” , it is what makes everybody so malcontent after all so, because Yang Jie’s director changed,the netizen says is. Yang Jie changed main actor two people, it is personate pig the Ma Dehua of 8 give up changed Cui Jingfu, the 2 Yan that are personate sanded monk conceived a ceremony to change Liu Dagang, this should be not changed very much with respect to the decision at the beginning actually, face a substitution however, kind the reason believes everybody also understands somewhat, yang Jie fears on one hand actually they do small group to isolate again she, also be to consider their age is old really on the other hand, and either be not them cannot.

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Just changed a person suddenly, everybody is a bit incommensurate, two new actors should undertake adjusting with this part afresh, also want to undertake adjusting with someone else afresh, for not long to number of a volume teleplay, this is to need to spend a few time, present the result that come out later, the pig that nods heroic spirit less namely 8 give up, and much abrupter a few minutes of keen sanded monks, implicative 6 small age child, the acting of the person such as Chi Chongrui, Xu Shaohua, look at also part exhausted condition. Besides, the specially good effect of flying development makes Yang Jie excited many, so continuation appears gaudy became much, be in original ” on the west travel notes ” in, the effect of palace of dragon of the East China Sea comes out through aquarium lane, the elfland that wants to build a cloud and mist to wind around still gets the bottle that holding dry ice through ceaseless brandish, machine of a primitive acrobatics used 10 effect, and setting is true condition films mostly, zha where resembling chases after Sun Wu sky at surface that paragraph, it is complete true condition.

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” on the west travel notes ” continuation true condition films drop substantially, somebody is returned to inform against a play staff covertly before ” at public expense travels ” , it is OK without the place to want to inform against to continuation helper, at that time the actor knows in a word oneself do not need to spend too much effort, can get similar result, still have even vicarious by, before also be being done not have so so with one one’s heart endeavors, all tussle are big occasion, occasion of Ling Yiji unreal, did not have sense of reality, also make naturally audience and gut come off. The change is the the biggest, most apparent, most let an audience cannot be accepted, or makeup go to, ” on the west travel notes ” makeup make personnel Mr. Wang Xizhong, was in charge of the modelling of main actor, he achieves many content formerly, include the types of facial makeup in operas of king of beautiful clever boy, pig of 8 give up ” leer ” , it is troops from heaven-an invincible army even ” clairvoyance ” bulb of traditional Chinese clothes; As to making up is a lot of people over the foundation in Wang Xizhong, the creation that have, will create according to actor itself.

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” on the west travel notes continuation ” did not accomplish however ” it is with the person this ” , like instead ” dazzle ability ” , and this makeup girl is Yang Yunfei, namely the daughter that Yang Jie directs, of course because they always grasp,this is the result below holding innovation idea dominant, but innovate too over- , it with respect to bos country — male monster people grotesque, besides ugly do not have other good point actually, succubus essence with respect to prep let alone, each is toxic and same face, got on even avalokitesvara sootiness makeup. Can say the part external form that besides a few actors that cannot change, Wang Xizhong creation comes out, surface of basically square field ” on the west travel notes continuation ” mix ” on the west travel notes ” different, and return affusion many, because Yang Jie’s director does his utmost not to want to repeat,this is ” on the west travel notes ” , but people wants to see at that time ” a change in form but not in content ” ” on the west travel notes ” , however absolutely wants to was less than Yang Jie to carry a thick soup of match well of a bowl of Chinese and Western, coming so can be disappointed only unceasingly.

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