Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: ” still feed ” the plot of a play of part of component of the 38th collect introduces ~ of the 36th collect to update which platform to broadcast ” still feed ” will broadcast at platform waiting to update in mango TV since Feburary 22, 2022, pay close attention to please! Still feed gut introduction: Told about Damingyonglenian, girl Yao Zijin enters palace selected to still feed bureau lady-in-waiting, grow ceaselessly in deep palace and hold to the pursuit of pair of China cate craft all the way, get acquainted with friendship and encounter love. … still introduction of totality part the plot of a play still feeds 30 part the plot of a play: Yao Zijin is banned this sufficient Yuan Gong is fair wanting that fool Zhu Zhan radical (Xu Kai is acted the role of) happy, the result is just the opposite to what one wished Zhu Zhan radical is very angry still want to punish him, actually Zhu Zhan radical is angry Yao Zijin (Wu Jin character is acted the role of) unlawfully posses Guo side the wife of a prince (Cheng Lisha is acted the role of) be related,

20220315070644 62303b045c096

Yao Zijin thinks this thing went originally, did not think of or by Zhu Zhan base discovered, this Zhu Zhan radical can want to punish Yao Zijin to let her shut oneself up and ponder over one’s mistakes well. Still feed 31 part the plot of a play: Child Yao Zijin was lost after Hu Huang (Wu Jin character is acted the role of) be conferred to become Huang Guifei eventually, china gown is added hold below, she appears dignified all the more and beautiful, become Huang Guifei eventually, still feed the person of the bureau the good life of special envy Yao Zijin, below sunshine, violet duckweed is listening good news of the sister, unfeignedly is her glad, lunar corona spun however face, renascence of meaning of be jealous of. Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad empress lost the child, all the day expression of one’s mind is somewhat unhinged is absentminded, still holding doll in the arms to become the child sometimes, mother of an emperor sees shake shake one’s head. Zhu Zhan radical (Xu Kai is acted the role of) the mood is depressed in the courtyard that comes to Yao Zijin, yao Zijin persuades him to be free to see empress more, what perhaps the disease of empress has met is a few faster, zhu Zhan radical raises a topic intentionally, it is angry angry only she ought not to take the reunion cake that takes surplus to eat to him. Yao Zijin sees him seedily, took marionette to amuse him immediately happy. Still feed 32 part the plot of a play: Yao Zijin hears Yao Zijin of violet duckweed be punished (Wu Jin character is acted the role of) hear violet duckweed be punished, drive immediately come over, the bloodstain that sees violet duckweed cut has soaked garment pants, violet duckweed complexion is cadaverous, hit life to be not protected again, ground of Yao Zijin genuflect entreats an emperor to be able to call in order already issued. Midnight, yao Zijin sleeps lightly from inside nightmare, she cries for help aloud, but sound is dumb, she is terrified the ground is pushed open the door, discover all around frozen dark and gloomy. Violet duckweed knows Yao Zijin fell ill, daily make food wholeheartedly nourishing food sends elaborate infusion in Yao Zijin hand personally, see Yao Zijin is not happy, violet duckweed wore dog head cap to amuse her.

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