Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022
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Original title: On the history true ” does devil enter a village ” be what appearance? Be not fought again Phoebus drama gives ” brainwashing “ Some closer year come, drama of thematic the movie and TV that fight day emerges in endlessly. There is no lack of to be made classically among them, also have of course many alleged ” divine drama ” , these divine drama let a lot of audiences be between tears and smiles. And a few among them also by the audience accepted sodden gave new height.

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Still have Yan Shuangying series additionally, among them ” Gu island flying eagle ” one drama is the drama gather that tells the War of Resistance Against Japan technically, actual strength of Yan Shuangying oneself need not say more, besides ground of flying Apsaras escape won’t beyond, other almost omnipotent. This drama is medium nevertheless most grab an eye count Yan Shuangying place to drive even drive, that modern assault car, see this car can’ts help letting a person think of science and technology of period of War of Resistance Against Japan has developed such room for action, this car not only pull wind and the function is powerful, deserve to go up sunglasses jacket overcoat of Yan Shuangying, have quite ” the hacker is Caesarean ” in the Buddhist nun abstruse the elegant demeanour that passes through to fight war period, if Yuan Fang can start bullet time to hide again a few bullet, that is mixed basically the Buddhist nun abstruse exactly like.

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Similar such drama anthology still has many, listed one by one no longer here, actually this kind changes devil, hyperbole to fight the way of day infirmly not brillant, not only the proper understanding of easy misdirect youth to the history, cause a kind of resentment of serials of audience antagonism battle easily also. Film objectively so and reflect the history, just everybody is willing to accept, the clue that says at most in old people mouth for instance, devil enters a village.

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To different drama concentration, this bridge paragraph show is not same, have a plenty of devil to collect the villager to attend a meeting, the villager lets after connecting brainwashing people hand in a person to make food, give the whereabouts of the Eight Route Army by the way, do not say to commit murder again. Have a plenty of rob reopen to meet first, perhaps take operation of a certain villager, execute one as a warning to others. Anyhow, entering a village every time is do sth on a large scale, common people of for fear that does not know. Nevertheless this authenticity still remains to make an on-the-spot investigation, if devil every time so ostentatious ground comes, that villager is early prepare somewhat with respect to this, the Eight Route Army withdrew early also, still wait for them to walk along a form to won’t do?

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