Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022
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Original title: Childe of peaceful drama sinister gang falls in love with me long delay not by accident overbearing will raid ” my homemaking girl ” shake phonic quick worker to leave sow Drama of peaceful of years waste time confuses firm firm to expect ” sinister gang childe falls in love with me ” be about to leave sow, tell about black Taoist school a group of things with common features 2 childes Kinn is plotted against by the enemy, encounter with pluralistic undergraduate Porshe during run away, just see Kinn is chased after to kill, among the issue that the drag in that the good skill of Porshe lets he is loath takes these insanity. . . . . . 2 years schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater changes this play last a period of time, will on April 2 head sow. 18+ prevue are released, does Yan Zhi, gut, simple sense upgrade in the round — peaceful drama now so coiled? ” my homemaking girl ” clear edition of perpendicular screen freeboard shakes sound, quick worker to had left more, it is a cannot help doing sth — big look gives in comment area, gut is like ever was acquainted. . . . . .

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Drama confusing expresses: Peaceful drama ” sinister gang childe falls in love with me ” what just released is broken of 3 million premonitory, before sowing, had looked several times, pat advancedly, have kind of feeling that see a movie! Bits joking scale is again large, this ability is adult should look… the peaceful drama level that make is higher and higher, no matter gut, actor, acting is more and more excellent, have intention more and more, the campus drama that is small cost no longer, after the trouble peaceful drama gives according to this standard coil, or I am sorry the age of this growth.

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