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Original title: Huang Zitao and Song Zuer are beyond the mark and sweet, ” just do not talk about love with the boss ” whole journey is high-energy true above Teleplay ” between the world ” personal loyalty of all corners of the country and fireworks life make a person constant sigh with emotion extremely, weep secretly. Be badly in need of a work of relaxed and humorous movie and TV taking an audience to break away from this kind of earnest sentiment, the net drama that by young actor Huang Zitao and Song Zuer act the leading role ” ability does not want and the boss talks love ” made up for this one space well.

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This drama adapts the homonymic novel that strikings from writer leaf, basically tell about Liu Xun of lawyer of the elite inside course of study (Huang Zitao is acted the role of) with assistant Qian Wei (Song Zuer is acted the role of) the love story between, sweet be bored with is done laugh, the aunt that harvested a big audience laughs. Before seeing this play, believe a lot of people are in the video quality that oppugns this drama, among them already what cover a road to change to love drama is cold-shoulder, what also have the acting of two main actors of pair of God actor one’s previous experience is afraid. Actually, after seeing a few market, can discover ” ability does not want and the boss talks love ” it is true above, men and women advocate contrast bud feeling graces for work many.

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In the story leave piece, be elected as a lawyer the Liu Xun of character of 10 old elite accepts reporter friend at the same time interview, across is busy compress oneself assistant Qian Wei from by the hand moves staff of reception of a radio. When though be in,attending a college, these two are 4 years of schoolfellow, qian Wei still is maintaining professional first all the time outstanding achievement. But arrived socially later, the long Qian Wei that graduates 7 years differred one big chunk, the salary when her monthly pay returns those who be inferior to lawyer Liu Xun is high. Brutal reality lets Qian Wei hit do not remove spirit to come, suffer the pain of the life.

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The story continues to go down so, inevitable meeting falls into elite of much gold male advocate ignore other, fall in love with bud of a clumsy unluckily female advocate set in the road. God-given is, ” just do not talk about love with the boss ” element of a few strange unreal was added in work, let already two people of 28 years old returned student times, such clue set lets a men and women advocate instantly memory and already memory forms collision, in living to campus, bring get mime feeling.

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On examination room, qian Wei sees go to school the classmaster discriminate teacher of period as before when a thick hair, fab. Next act is direct the face before whole class classmate, in public the hair that hold tight had a teacher in charge of a class, joke 100. ” just do not talk about love with the boss ” with duty field theatrical work germinant, basically begin with campus drama again, duty field, campus double abloom set lets gut be in light ripe with give attention to two or morethings gets between muddled, got of woman audience love.

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Especially, ancestor the duty field personage of on the Qian Wei that act one second or high-heeled shoes of foot step of Western-style clothes of a dress, below one second is yellow the female undergraduate about that pants of short sleeve braces dresses up. Green happy blow on the face and come, be violated none and. Return to campus again, qian Wei decides to had come afresh, no matter be oneself school work, career or emotional life, be in the rhythm that advances triumphantly all the way, final 2 people give aid to each other, progress jointly, the lover becomes spouses eventually.

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2 brush life, depend on once experience, qian Wei is mixed feel just like a fish in water, behead wins year the first, become learn bully monitor. In the meantime, because,be foregone a few difficulty that oneself may encounter in the future and setback, qian Wei goes all out do one’s best go reversing condition, the purpose lets time side with good directional progress. When the school attends a controversy to surpass, the Qian Wei that enters finals and land ask are about the same, for this piece the professor announced to undertake increasing competition. The sincerity that two people act on a heart and honest, rejected oneself the match of foregone title, obtain double win.

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When doing not have the gut of be concerned about and intrigue against each other to appear on screen so, can appear gut does not have a head simply. But from on the other hand, also reflect went out ” ability does not want and the boss talks love ” feeling of relaxed recreational atmosphere, accord with instantly youth to go after not of drama of view of beat one’s brains appeal to beg.

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Since since broadcasting, drama of this strange unreal love that acts the leading role by Huang Zitao, Song Zuer ” ability does not want and the boss talks love ” get attention with respect to equipment. The opinion that concerns this drama is joy light happy event more, whole journey Gao Tian. Still the netizen leaves a message, this drama is complete an against the wind that pursue a dream break up dish Sha Diao is small sweet drama, belong to mark of go with rice to match.

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