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Original title: Gut is unusual emotional play is indescribable, golden pheasant award is directed hold the punishment detect drama that guide, break the first fascia Homebred drama often is spat of groove is rhythm too slow, leading role acts to make money and go out forcibly. Can pat one collect to have to pat gut of ~ ~ of two 3 collect to procrastinate too forcedly, the audience sees no less than going to, very much sodden theatrical work should take 449 part, do not have interest to look again to final audience ~ ~

20220315071025 62303be10c418

Rhythm is too slow too ugly, but also not be faster better. The theatrical work of this punishment detect that should share with everybody today for instance — ” bone language 2 ” !

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This drama is sowed at leaving on Feburary 22. Although had broadcasted very long, but fabaceous valve still does not have viewing rate.

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Director Hu Yaozhi is graduated from boreal report, in boreal report, obtain performance baccalaureate, artistic master’s degree and film doctor’s degree, currently hold the post ofthe duty such as prexy of adviser of professor of boreal report college, graduate student, education. Hold the position of many posts.

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His record of formal schooling is tall, power is great, but director work is little little. 7 years, ” Cong Fei ” cover and it is not quite clear to issue time, fabaceous valve did not notch.

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I wrote a lot of introductions, but what be like to did not say, so the someone looked to also do not know what I said.

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Comment area has a brief comment only, but it is this work, the director won golden pheasant award ~ ~ ~ of nomination of optimal director a maiden work

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Turn over the other work that turns over him, although can ask fresh pork, but basic it is sodden play sodden movie:

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Still have of course ” bone language 2 ” and ” bone language 1 ” . The first is to left 2018 those who sow, fabaceous valve dub in background music fails, can say audience reluctance looks only.

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But it is a such work. After 4 years, the director should pat the 2nd. And the 2nd direct erasure playwrite, gut let an audience hold still use actor of sweat ~ ~ the first, basic it is a the old cast, besides a few costar, but of leading group or reservation.

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That person still acted ” wintersweet archives ” and ” Living Buddha aid is official ” , be in ” virtuous wife ” in, he acted to be known as ” drunk ” the Gao Ren of Wang Luojun of handsome young man of great villain in drama. "> female view the work that age heart ginseng performs is very much, for instance ” the story of cooking class 3 ” , ” Confucius ” , ” educated youth ” , ” ZhongGuanCun ” wait, it is costar mostly. Let an audience remember truly, it is to go out perform heat to sow drama ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” medium Xia Dong one horn. Men and women advocate not be top shedding and discharge actor, perform minor role all the year round, acting not come to an agreement or understanding, not sodden also, there basically won’t be big problem on acting, the key still is gut trend and part set. ” bone language ” what tell about the first times is those who serve as famous legal medical expert is female advocate peace fixed number of persons of ancient bronze mirror of trace of a balm for treating headaches male advocate, analyst female match, rich side of 2 acting psychology keeps division a few people uncover one stake stake together the story of bizarre case.

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The 2nd part set essentially similar, this female advocate with special record set detects bizarre case together, gut is moved toward roughly basically as similar as the first, the hotspot depends on every case. Just ” bone language 2 ” the case is more unusual, be jumped out to say the first case of groove again and again by the audience for instance: Trainee girl and married boss on board that what, result car stops on glacial face, two people movement is too big collapse glacial face, trainee girl be addicted to dies, the boss escapes be born day.

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The audience feels to hold out pull, set compares Lei Ren, also let audience of a lot of women look very accurate ~~

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And whole case leading role people detect without what make what materiality, find out besides what inquire into the root of the matter with be murdered person concerned person finds a suspect outside, crack a criminal case handed in him convict basically to elaborate.

20220315071033 62303be91fcf3

The what female net later is red be waited for by dismemberment case, building site fierce case, although do not have the first case so make an audience inimical, but also be being done is not very good.

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Continue the first style ” bone language 2 ” rhythm is very fast also, basically one class is controlled partly can discuss a law case, but the 2nd rhythm gets on for an audience to be not accepted, a law case is patted like running water Zhang, get on for via removing deliberate, it is flaw everywhere.

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Discovering at the beginning for instance is corrupt cadaver camera lens one change becomes bones of the dead, whole process does not need time to need to guide the speech is changed only change.

20220315071035 62303bebd40df

And before resembling, say, when finding a body all sorts of building suspense style, but play house resembles however when handling a case, speak or write in a dull or flat way. Crack a criminal case relies on him convict basically to say, pare without any logic, reel off raw silk from cocoons chrysalis is mixed handle a case ability but character, capture rely on an accident, gumshoe did not have outstanding sex effect, basically do not have the part of what inference, join not fluent also.

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20220315071037 62303bed00aeb

And female advocate as legal medical expert, the show share of autopsy is little however little, let audience consciousness be less than even female advocate the meaning of existence, reason or above mention, crack a criminal case and inference have nothing to do.

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Since drama is called ” bone language ” , that autopsy should be a key, go up from victim remains crack a criminal case just is crucial, weaken female advocate the show share of autopsy, feeling giving a person runs the problem is serious. Be aimed at this a little bit, beautiful theatrical work ” knowledge bone finds trace ” do very well, it is OK that everybody is interested oneself go looking.

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” bone language 2 ” do badly, still have the carry lens of fundamental sex, let an audience feel afflictive directly, still have dub dub in background music, with enlighten hall sound likes to be BGM, rectify to the audience directly confused, punishment detect drama pats the feeling of put together art.

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20220315071039 62303befaf82d

Still have as punishment detect drama, the director thinks line of feeling of thrust deep into the enemy forces also stopped, still alternate so indescribable the emotional clue that makes an audience awkward, everybody wears cotton-padded clothes, gumshoe header asks all the time however female advocate cold.

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In the 2nd foil below, somebody feels the first can label an excellent work simply.


Return some audiences to feel, the first very general, not quite row, pat the 2nd even unexpectedly,



Rhythm is fast not laggard it is good thing, but pat running water Zhang uninteresting, on rhythm, the hope directs write a play people can reasonable arrangement.


Be based on nevertheless above the problem of respecting, the individual feels ” bone language 2 ” not necessary look, but if like seek novelty case to seek rapid rate,watch opera, can see ~~ however


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