Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: ” Ⅱ of case of Chinese quarter explore ” pat, xu Zhengxi together He Ruixian, the person enrages Hao Ran of small unripe Liu to join in 2020, the net drama that acts the leading role by the person such as Ning of Qiu Ze, Zhang Jun ” case of Chinese quarter explore ” , with 3 unit drama was told about Lin Mo and 5 big spirit child the magical story of crack a criminal case. This drama, let ” case of Chinese quarter explore ” in the film ” detective registers world name ” the detective that go up people the person that became actual existence. “Tang Tan ” it is Tang Ren and Qin Feng’s pure risk experience only no longer, became a true detective macrocosm however. And the before 8 collect of drama calculate absolutely going up is ” apotheosis ” make, grading for a time violent wind rises, regrettablly from the back begin to pull hip.

20220315071237 62303c65bad53

It is reported, net drama ” Ⅱ of case of Chinese quarter explore ” predict to will be controlled in June this year switch on the mobile phone film, the hero is Lin Mo as before, by Xu Zhengxi personate. He Ruixian personate female advocate, still the heavy pound of Liu Hao Ran joins in, hopeful renews the honor before Tang Tanzhi, be worth an audience to expect very much. Gut is to use unit drama form as before, detective people break strange record together. At the appointed time, the talent hacker Kiko that appears in the film, the detective such as 2 army group meets wild Tian Hao to appear in drama.

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Xu Zhengxi ginseng has acted ” Xia Jiasan a thousand pieces of gold ” and ” love woke up ” , the appearance is very handsome, ever was called by the netizen ” Gao Fushuai is optimal male friend ” , he is in ” cheer a sweetheart ” ” happy sweetheart ” in the Cheng Xin of personate is sealed to be by the netizen ” warm male specialist ” . His acting also is obtained broad netizen approbate.

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He Ruixian is graduated from Beijing film institute, it is actor of regular professional training, drama of black unreal of the Republic of China ” city of half bewitching bend ” be the rage, the hot drama that is at that time, enter the theatrical work of the operatic circle of the Republic of China that perform ” edge of hair on the temples is not a Chinese flowering crabapple red ” also be a pink countless. Her appearance is elegant, but be full of enthusiasm to the performance, her acting is incompact not slow, relaxation has degree, deduce career a light. Also be this to a lot of people expect she is in ” Ⅱ of case of Chinese quarter explore ” medium wonderful performance.

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Liu Hao Ran need not say more, he is the leading role of 3 films, clever and rich life, acting is in at that time already very mature, his ginseng acts, this net drama can attract more audience absolutely. Expect this drama can continue of Tang Tan outstanding, did not look for little fresh pork to participate in again.

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