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Original title: Wu Bai does not demand repayment to be lent money again, the Han Shangyan that spit groove loves silver love cost! Tong Nian after all where is good? ! ! Tell the truth, I dare not see teleplay ” dear, have deep love for ” newest 22, 23 collect.

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? Had mentioned before me, pass the famous setting in reductive book, take the 44 part of a novel that only 50 chapters control impossibly. What must still add on gut, all alone for instance the memory of collect team, for instance of KK child grow, or Han Shangyan (plum now) with Tong Nian (Yang Zi) cruel heart makes fun of greatly.

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? Dirty look uncle of 29 years old fell in love with Ge Ji of trailing plants Li, age gap is huge ” old man ” what always feel oneself are taken is bad child. It is the career is not stabilized at the same time be not liked by elder, it is infinite and young at the same time, tall record of formal schooling, tall affection business, pure and beautiful.

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? Object strongly of the mother falling in Tong Nian, han Shangyan feels self-abased even. I am bad-tempered, do not know romance, do not have time to accompany you, the future is sealed still, what qualification do I have to give you? Although he is very stupid, but he cannot bear the heart worries again after the word that injures a person, so he can stay on the tree only, look at the window of Home Tong Nian aloof, dare not stand by:

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? And, the time of hole elder brother is absolutely unambiguous.

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? Wu Bai discovers, the rich and generous gift that the money that he lends Han Shangyan became Han Shangyan to give Tong Nian, he not only impecunious, the class that joins team lunch case also suffer a disastrous decline, he still says boringly: “You are a man, tan Lian loves to want to spend a lot of money. You send antique necklace together, part company have parting present. Part company have parting present..

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? Of unexpected is, it woke up Han Shangyan it seems that. This gift how Tong Nian of not let sb down? then I pay no attention to Wu Bai to demand repayment, ask: “You can refinance my dot money? “You can refinance my dot money??

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? Emmm, han Shangyan, love of your Tan Lian is not expensive, super and super expensive!

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? Han Shangyan nots hesitate contribute out oneself all fortune, also hope the other side is happier. It is the iceberg uncle of a dirty look obviously, but encounter a girl, he is difficult however attack by surprise all over the face furrow smile:

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? Ah, tong Nian Tong Nian, what magic power do you have? Because she loves clean,the likelihood is.

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? Han Shangyan is her first love. This kind of affection originates fall in love at first sight, do not know the profession of the other side, do not know the age of the other side, do not know the nature of the other side. It is only, I am written down in the heart, decide he is right person. M/origin/pgc-image/1d574511cf73467db29b98413120004a? From=pc"> ? The small squid love to Han Shangyan, do not have a condition, as long as it is Han Shangyan, she likes. His age is old, that is mature man flavour:

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Iceberg of his dirty look, but laugh very warm:

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His profession is not approbated by elder, she understands not only, still be his pride:

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As long as it is Han Shangyan, good bad, her overall is accepted. His job is busy, she is darling defend before the mobile phone, miss very much also tolerate the other side however next time just contact:

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His peach blossom is much, her grievance chooses to believe him however, jealous puts in jealous ‘s charge, but won’t blow hard to do work of influence the other side greatly:

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Even if is Han Shangyan ” indescribable ” (the thing that Tong Nian does not know mom to do) put firm word to her, compose a quarrel she chats together is chicken is told with duck, say two people are improper, cold she, pay no attention to her, harm her. She chooses as before however again sad the cause that also supports him and K&K battle group:

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After parting company, she is thankful this paragraph is encountered, do not go grousing, some joy and happiness are embraced at the outset only in brain.

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She is not the infatuation of the appearance that has bud bud only and be passionately devoted. She is very outstanding still, 15 years old attend a college, 19 years old of graduate students, business of intelligence quotient affection double tall, sing Orphean have huge amount vermicelli made from bean starch, computer major makes a program very be expert at:

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So good annual, be worth very sweet very sweet love.

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” dear, have deep love for ” hot, fire is in acting of leading role of male and female is online, the appearance accords with a person to set, gut is reductive degree tall, do not give play; Fire is made in drama film have skill, one concentration small climax is folded case, 35 collect have big climax to suck eyeball, more than 20 collect, men and women advocate the first kiss has not been acted according to on, the audience also does not feel rhythm procrastinates. . . . . . More important is, our yearning and pure love, clear also and pure god-given. This sweet love, let do not have those who had talked to expect, the recall that has talked is erst, the generation that talking is resonant.

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The sense that seeks this theatrical work already was to see Han Shangyan Tong Nian love not just, also be to let oneself take bout love route accordingly. . . . . .

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