Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022
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Original title: Children of bud of Wang Lihong Li Jing guards authority case to take sessional whole course the kind that inspect message

20220315071449 62303ce94dd51

Recently, case of authority of custody of children of bud of Wang Lihong Li Jing will be sessional, two people hit divorce lawsuit in the United States not only, also be aimed at in Taiwan drink decide 2 people place to give birth to minor children to guard the litigant ground with new open up of authority be related. Via Li Jing bud is carried after accusing, taipei ground courtyard is ordered at 17 days first degrees of open a court session is mediated in the morning. It is reported, the court thinks both sides is celebrity, show body court pother to prevent 2 people, increase protection rights and interests of 2 people children, will adopt whole journey to inspect dispatch means to undertake, both sides and lawyer need not arrive front courtyard.

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