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Original title: Does president of Maotai of fuddle of Pan the Yangtse River sign contract price? Hit edge ball to be suspected of false conduct propaganda 20220315080111 623047c70d7c0Video cut pursues (origin: Daily economy news He Xiaotao of Chen Junjie of collect of every warp knitting opens Zhu Moping of every classics reporter easily river) I and Maotai president know ten years, last night I his fuddle, let him sign a contract to give me price right. ” in the direct seeding of special performance of water of a wine at the beginning of March, the Yangtse River of well-known actress Pan is promoting Maotai tiger in ground of the exert to one’s utmost before screen year any of the twelve animals wine. Pan Changjiang is saying at the same time, do not forget urgent audience issues sheet and complement at the same time: “This Maotai tiger year any of the twelve animals wine, brewery wants deficient money for certain, market price all the time 40 thousand much (one box) , I 20 thousand sell more. ” ” this kind of wine is produced one year only, drink a bottle little a bottle, have very much collect value! ” ” direct seeding sells wine now, don’t have a bottom line so? ” a personage that is close to Maotai tells ” daily economy news ” reporter, alleged Pan Changjiang knows Maotai president ten years, drink his fuddle, basic it is out-and-out lies. Pan Changjiang, this has the well-known actress of 2500 much vermicelli made from bean starch in some platform, rotation network advocate sow the controversy after selling wine ceaseless, walk in time and again ” red line ” the brim. And be suspected of what publicize phonily selling wine like Pan Changjiang ” the net is red ” advocate sow be absent a few, have more very person the one annulus that already reduced cable length of false wine industry. By this year Feburary, chongqing police announced to be uncovered one case especially big make, the case that sells false Maotai, experience record amount makes an appointment with 100 million yuan. The photograph is otherer the case that peddle a holiday, amount of this law case is huge and gimmick is novel, illegal element is enlarge sales volume, employ ” the net is red ” advocate sow the Maotai that promotes Gao Fang. False Maotai of Gao Fang is met ” the net is red ” , enormous flow is making the medium of communication that illegal element covets. Does direct seeding sell wine how strong superintend? How should consumer avoid to be deceived again? Direct seeding sells wine water very deep average person do not hold relatively at other and general case of wine of the holiday that make carry out, 100 million yuan especially big Maotai makes the experience record amount that police of Chongqing of not long ago uncovers case of carry out false Maotai has typical sense quite — the gimmick of false wine of this kind of new-style sale by fair at numerous. According to police bulletin, guilty suspect is arrested in the Communist Party of China of this false Maotai case 24, demolish 4 are produced, store, annul ” black nest is nodded ” when, tall copy Maotai is hunted down in the spot the 800 much bottle, outfit that wait for fill base wine many jins 3000, make hypothesis have capable person of 14 stage, bag 27 thousand. And in this case, illegal element to enlarge sales volume, employ ” the net is red ” advocate sow make the video content that identifies wine of brand of Maotai of true and false, register scroll of many Zhang date to broadcast at nearsightedness frequency platform, promote then after accumulative and certain person is enraged. Actually, the elephant of chaos selling wine in nearsightedness frequency, direct seeding is far more than hereat. In March 2021, direct seeding of Pan the Yangtse River sells ” gold wine ” meet with the netizen is painful after approving, recently once more ” give mountain ” , on March 1 evening, special performance of water of a wine had between direct seeding. Direct seeding spot, on the desk filled up with wine of Maotai any of the twelve animals, pan Changjiang says: “I and Maotai company president know ten years, last night I his fuddle, let him sign a contract to give me price right ” , ” this Maotai tiger year any of the twelve animals wine, brewery wants deficient money for certain, market price all the time 40 thousand much (one box) , I 20 thousand sell more ” , ” everybody should believe Pan Shu, I also won’t make you disappointed, to hit the price, myself also paid a bit cash inside, this price just has between direct seeding of Pan father’s younger brother only, issue sheet rapidly. Issue sheet rapidly.. 20220315080111 623047c7a5326Video cut pursues Afore-mentioned opinion on public affairs of Pan Changjiang, encountered the criticism of many liquor trade public figures. Is there is the public figure that is close to Maotai right more ” daily economy news ” reporter speak bluntly ” don’t have a bottom line so? ” and this already was not Pan Changjiang is in first ” red line ” the brim explored. Pan Changjiang sold wine because of direct seeding last year, still contributed a year to heat up a word — ” Pan hand in ” . One, pan Changjiang persuades Xie Mengwei in direct seeding (” batman piece ” in child personate person) not again direct seeding sells wine. He ” sincere words and earnest wishes ” the ground says to Xie Mengwei, “The thing on the net is fictitious, I am afraid that you do not hold ah the child, because here water is very deep. . . . . ” after Xie Mengwei listens, very ” cordial ” the ground states he does not sell. Netizens discover later, him Pan Changjiang also sells wine, let Xie Mengwei persuade to persuade Pan Changjiang conversely. Xie Mengwei expresses: “I do not persuade really, you did not let me persuade, I can have been in charge of myself only. ” ” he (Pan Changjiang) this kind of behavior, it is to be being hit for certain ‘ edge ball ‘ , you say he sells fake, that should be unapt, but have the suspicion that is suspected of false conduct propaganda. General our wine him look forward to between official direct seeding, it is the requirement that abides by legal laws and regulations strictly for certain, affirmation cannot be done so. ” a liquor company public figure says. Sell the controversy of wine to direct seeding, ” daily economy news ” the reporter passes a trial, of short duration cannot contact Pan Changjiang to obtain buy to judge. “Sell the superintendency of wine to direct seeding, still put in a few weak point really at present. ” liquor expert is like Zhu Qing to express. Actually, strengthen pair of direct seeding to take the superintendency of commodity industry, concerned branch already somewhat movement. Before this, total bureau of national wide report was released ” the announcement that manages about strengthening program of direct seeding of business affairs of electron of network seeing and hearing and advertisement program ” . Point out clearly among them: Program of direct seeding of business affairs of electron of network seeing and hearing and advertisement program diction want civilized, standard, must not exaggerate its demit, must not mix false misdirect consumer. The Maotai that peddle a holiday is sudden huge profits, earn ten times calculate have ” conscience ” in comparing Pan Changjiang to sell wine in direct seeding, hit ” edge ball ” , already illegal element uses direct seeding to sell false wine, it is to stare at even go up Maotai this kind of costly renown wine. “Actually, the tall copy Maotai that the holiday sells on the net is not so simple. It is the thing should be done above all can mix the false with the genuine. ” famous Xie Guang tells dozen of dummy ” daily economy news ” reporter. In the false Maotai record that seizes in afore-mentioned Chongqing police, the person such as illegal element Wei Mou also pays attention to the craft that make a holiday very much, new facility is used to realize automation of the flow that stick label to move in the process that make a holiday, the use chip that prevent bogus is emulated degree extremely tall. According to police bulletin, the sauce that the person such as Wei Mou conceives person model somewhere to purchase bulk from Guizhou benevolence is sweet model liquor radical wine, box of the brand that buys sham brand respectively from and other places of Guangdong, Guizhou, portable bag, goblet, prevent bogus identifying implement stick the equipment such as sign chance the substandard material that pack and gland machine, packer, automatically, department of urban and rural union is applied to rent a building to serve as workshop in Hubei favour, tick off tone, fill independently outfit, pack, produce wine of brand of tall copy Maotai into batch. “Actually, it is not easy to want to accomplish mix the false with the genuine. Because there is the chip that prevent bogus inside lid of every bottles of Maotai wine, can track through chip trace to the source in order to differentiate true and false. And this kind of chip is one-time, namely after Maotai on the rails opens bottle, this kind of chip is destroyed, be reclaimed impossibly basically. ” Xie Guang expresses, illegal element can accomplish the chip that prevent bogus to emulate degree extremely tall, made great efforts. Accomplishing mix the false with the genuine of tall copy Maotai is the first pace only, note the price even when Gao Fang sells Maotai on the net cannot too low. “The price of the market price of Maotai of general Gao Fang and true Maotai has discrepancy, but won’t too much. For instance, the government of Maotai of true flying Apsaras fixes a price 1499 yuan / bottle, then false Maotai can sell 1500 yuan commonly / bottle or 1600 yuan / bottle, because sell too cheap can arouse consumer suspicion instead. ” Xie Guang says. As to the cost of tall copy Maotai, xie Guang discloses, specific should seeing the unscrupulous merchant that makes a holiday is to take what kind of wine to pretend to be Maotai. “If take the series wine below Maotai banner, for instance Maotai prince wine is pretended to be, then it is have ‘ conscience ‘ . ” forced smile wears Xie Guang say, because Maotai is princely the vinosity of wine is pretty good still, how is cost also about a hundred yuan / bottle. “Have some of illegal trader, take a few yuan directly even, ten yuan wine will pretend to be Maotai, also not be to be impossible ” . “Traffic false Maotai special sudden huge profits, return sudden huge profits than peddling poison even. ” Xie Guang says, some people take 100 multivariate wine to pretend to be Maotai to sell 1500 yuan / bottle, profit exceeds 10 times. If take the wine of a few yuan of money to pretend to be, profit can achieve about a hundred times. “This also is why to make the false Maotai that peddle a holiday, father year after year dozen, have year after year ” . According to reporter observation, outside selling false wine except channel of direct seeding of a few illegal elements, direct seeding sells wine to still have many random elephants. It is to draw near above all a wine is shoddy. This kind often with ” Guizhou Maotai presses down wine ” , ” flying Apsaras cogongrass combines alcoholic drink ” , ” wine of Maotai former oar ” , ” old wine Maotai ” , ” Guizhou prince wine ” wait for the face that sees the alcoholic drink that be like a name to show a person. It is next, the brim the group or the wine that stick a card sells when core brand wine. Well-known, there is flying Apsaras Maotai, general respectively below division of group of Maotai group, 5 grain fluid 5 wait for core brand. Nevertheless, outside core brand, also have a few edges model the brand is the wine that stick a card even. And sell wine partly advocate sow, often use such information difference to change a concept secretly, say the wine of brim brand into the wine of core brand. Finally is price of false conduct propaganda, random bid. For instance, in Pan Changjiang’s direct seeding, he alleges Maotai tiger year any of the twelve animals wine cost price is 40 thousand multivariate (one box) amount to 6600 multivariate / bottle. Actually, maotai tiger year any of the twelve animals the price of wine is very transparent, market price is in 4500 yuan / bottle left and right sides. And this wine amount to in direct seeding of Pan the Yangtse River 4799 yuan / bottle, although he sells so called ” preferential price ” still can from which earn many money. Net red direct seeding can sell a few wine probably, but old wine look forward to participates in enthusiasm to observe not high according to be like Zhu Qing, use net red direct seeding and short video to undertake selling wine at present, more is middleman, wine look forward to personally the comparison of end is little. “From us the company looks, wine also can sell really between direct seeding, but should earning money is not very easy. Although you bought a few discharge through spending money, also can sell a few wine really, but you should say to earn how many money to did not see actually from which. ” Zhang Ming of controller of company of a liquor (alias) tell a reporter. “What can raise his wine cup to sell very well between direct seeding truly is big advocate sow actually not much. Because unless be the head advocate sow, otherwise it won’t have too large dominant position on the price. ” Zhang Ming complements. “To look forward to of core head wine, it is taller to the requirement of the price, you cannot have low sales promotion, because it can move the profit to the agency below other line. And the main channel that the agency below the line just is these wine look forward to. Although you look for a net red advocate sow, if you just give him a normaller value, actually his ability that take money did not imagine in so strong. ” Zhang Ming says. Actually, dialogue wine business, besides considering the issue below the line on the line, the balance problem between the platform on each line also begins more to be brought into to think limits. “A very simple question, consumer can be in Beijing for certain east on buy, also may be in day cat is bought on other perhaps platform. If say to be bought very cheaply again between direct seeding, long-term in light of, be not a favour to the brand, it is met you the system of whole price gives roily. ” Zhang Ming expresses. “The practice of general wine look forward to or each have emphasize particularly on. Be in for instance Jing Dongping stage, some money or water of a few wine may have the price to tilt; In day cat platform, paragraph or another a few wine water can have the price to tilt; To platform of business of direct seeding cable, put paragraph or water of one a few wine only likewise, undertake the price go up tilt. ” Zhang Ming thinks, to wine look forward to character, current, net red direct seeding is being reduced actually ” common ” channel. In fact, the well-known spirits look forward to such as fluid of Maotai, 5 grain, a kind of spirit distilled in Fenyang all offerred number of nearsightedness frequency Zhang, but these liquor brands are in the discount strength between official direct seeding is not great. A few in the price between the direct seeding of high-end product, it is cheap to compare line suffix price only even a few yuan. And according to annals of 5 grain fluid, the income on its line was less than 2 billion yuan 2020, occupy company total battalion not to close 3.5% . “Direct seeding sells what wine sells now and the core sheet that is not old wine look forward to is tasted, for instance flying Apsaras Maotai, general this kinds 5, more is the product sticking a card of a brewery, perhaps saying is end sheet. And these products that stick a card, on the price opaque, have space of very big operation. Often consumer considers as earned, actually may not. ” the blueness that be like bamboo says. Nevertheless, be like Zhu Qing to also think, through ” the net is red ” the channel business that direct seeding sells wine to supply catenary resource to having partly also is an opportunity. “China net of the travel that send wine, winebibber, name tastes these old and well-known family, 1919 wine kind current business also is doing direct seeding to sell wine, they have certain resource and reputation inside course of study, consumer admits follow this kind of industry, the probability that be decieved wants relatively a lot of smaller. The probability that be decieved wants relatively a lot of smaller..

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