Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: Li Yugang contribution Jilin of home town of 500 thousand yuan of rush to the rescue: Wish Chun Nuanhua leaves

20220315080120 623047d0a75fa

15 days, li Yugang atelier shares Jilin book male singer for contribution of home town epidemic situation the bill of 500 thousand cheers for home town: “When Jilin has Ji Lin eventually, changchun is decided answer as one used to do spring. This is cared yesterday already service, wish the cloud opens mist to come loose, chun Nuanhua leaves, jilin is cheered! ” the love that vermicelli made from bean starch also gives him in succession presents letter: “It is Jilin to cheer together with Mr. Li Yugang! ” ” wish epidemic situation drops off at an early date, everything is restful. ” ” expect with the teacher the cloud opens mist to come loose together, chun Nuanhua leaves! Chun Nuanhua leaves!!

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