Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Small S questions new elder sister’s husband closely to whether know Liu Zaixi big S bully gas protects a husband to extend person wife power

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According to media coverage, after small S becomes a Jun Ye wife’s younger sister, divulge oneself ask new elder sister’s husband admits not to know Cui Yu Zhi, Li Zhongshuo, still take photograph inquiry, provide Jun Ye to state these people are too young nevertheless do not know. She changes ask admit to be not known " Running Man " > Liu Zaixi, provide Jun Ye to also reply not quite understanding, does elder sister big S protect husband: immediately? Shelfing  of bay Qiao Shan Na attacks? ” big S still says to her ” do not annoy my husband please ” , show the one side that protect a husband.

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