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Original title: In old folk song, the teenager before reviewing this half century falls in love with classic movie of the old woman The American classic movie 50 years ago ” Harlow and Mu De ” (Harold And Maude) Te Sidiwensi’s song comprises former voice You Kai, be in this nowadays old piece during showing 50 years, one what Zhang Chongxin weaves is complete former voice dish is published. Breathed out Luo Ashenbei 1971 ” Harlow and Mu De ” box-office when the United States is shown flatly, everybody wants to be less than it to have so endless vitality. It is the favorite that makes midnight field first, a classical Cult is accumulated in the youth piece public praise. Then it begins a few more occupational theater and cinema, rose 1972 for instance, american bright Buddhist nun Abolisi the theater shows the Weisitegaite of city 3 years continuously ” Harlow and Mu De ” , add up to 1957. The dweller of a few aesthetic exhaustion of local is driven beyond forbearance, pull a banner to ask to leave shelf. This still is a theater of a city only. ” Harlow and Mu De ” be shown ceaselessly, disc of the collect carefully after generation person often goes puts next generation to look, discovering them still is OK mirth and weep. This film affects posterity shadow person deeply still, · of Mi Ersi of · of Weisi Anderson, wheat gram, Paul can see in the work of the person such as Shangmasi Anderson ” . 79 years old of Mu De act in film rash this · Gordon, be in 3 years ago ” Luo Si Marie’s baby ” in because blame neighbour,one horn wins Oscar optimal female match, why is personal explanation old but vigorous, life is all possible. Act 19 years old rich what 2 generation breath out the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces is to suit unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease to be in charge of likewise piece cling to De Kute, complexion gets person in vain, countenance seems girl of 923 years old, the long and thin soft with body out of proportion form. In the long shot of begin, he is wearing two antique ring to hold suicidal ceremony. He played this game 15 times, it is the hypothesis with advanced death gave him to be comforted livingly. Harlow of 19 years old and admire heart of 79 years old loved each other. Two like to banish the bosseyed person that connects funeral, one has taken a lot of pain, of noble birth, escape Nazi concentration camp comes to the United States; A life liberals without care, only worry is not to know why to want living. At that time is in their story the epitome of play skin culture, have bright times impress, also have the high and pure share in affection. The sport that Harlow and admire De Congchu know cent to fasten swims time does not spend a week many a little bit. They steal a car in this paragraph of time, cultivate secretly, make fun of police and soldier. They had seen sky, had observed floral grows, had heard the flavour of snow, roll about on thick meadow, sleep below blue sky, in Tophet picnic. Harlow still manages to find time with ” the suicide ” frighten retreated 3 to date object. Do not believe the person of incorporeal existence, saw this film also can shake belief. All over the face the heart of admire of old woman person of furrow, because have a new spirit and the pattern that reveals a girl constantly. She chooses to be in best age — the suicide when 80 years old of birthday, because she thinks, it is moment leaves she has taken good care of, the body that supported this spirit 80 years, enter new level. The ground of the stay of soul of heart of body since admire, also be the agency that she feels the world. She enjoys this kind of freedom adequately, believe the person can choose his life consequently. 20220315100010 623063aabc744 Harlow and Mu Dedou are atheistic, scorn any authority. They have Plato, Kang De, father’s younger brother this China the philosopher of a general name for arteries and veins is temperamental, do not wish to be stranded to be in cave, believe individual li of secret that hiding Quan Yuzhou, music is exclusive do not try the artistic form of emersion idea world. Mu De opens musical instrument ark, send won’t the Harlow of any musical instrument a musical instrument, the secret that is equal to an universe sent him. Mu De each quarter sufficient ground is living, her free and easy and hopeful it is world-weary fine medicine. She feels the world with all sorts of means, observe and caring other lifecycle. Mu De lives in outskirts in the train railroad car with one deserted cut. Girl and lady are alternant appear on the body of this old woman. Her lightly is in the line of whirl move about of type of Xi Ye of cloth stalking or branch, flowers and plants is full of her home with all sorts of content assorted. The Harlow that opens black hearse samples like addiction dead flavour. He feels every daisy is same, life without joy of life. He sees Mu Derang carefully, every each body is unique actually. Since individual life each are not identical, this world is worth exploration. Admire heart church he, what you experience is more, the world is richer, dead appearance also can become kind and natural. “Because life has 1 million,plant likelihood. ” (” If You Want To Sing Out, sing Out ” ) , this song is the thematic song of the film. Mu De has sung Harlow to listen with hoarse voice in piano edge. Later Kate Sidiwensi (Cat Stevens) when singing rings again, the audience can have followed hum sing. Song and picture close for complete memory, the person that lets be written down henceforth every time when the road is narrow, can remember the hour that has had break of such heaven and earth to be widened like that. When haing Luo Ashenbei finds Kate Sidiwensi to ask him to be in charge of film former voice, latter has been the star of American music group. This person is very magical, go up century 60 time he is with rocking and roll the singer’s identity goes out. Got tuberculosis later, when reappearing again after cure already thoroughly remould oneself, change balladeer that becomes a standard. Kate Sidiwensi also has admire heart to choose life viatic ability. 1978 Kate Sidiwensi the ceremony of proclaiming sb a Buddhist is Mohammedan, incognito Joseph Sidiwensi, nevertheless everybody or habit call him Kate Sidiwensi later. ” Harlow and Mu De ” in the used song that is Kate Sidiwensi entirely. To a film, this kind of way that makes former reputation is approximately cranky. They ring timelily, string a two individual emotive to change, describe Haluoru the cause that He Yin is Mu De, in same different view sees in the world. The audience that wants to collect former vocal cords all the time very disappointed, because the former voice dish of the film comes behindhand,just published 2007. The reason is these songs exist at the film first, come from Kate Sidiwensi two pieces of special 1970 ” Mona Bone Jakon ” and ” Tea For The Tillerman ” (” Father And Son ” with respect to out here) . To prevent promiscuous, former voice dish did not go out tardy, till 2007 just plate of a mill published black glue dish. This year is the film 50 years when be born, one what Zhang Chongxin weaves is complete former voice dish is published. Besides song itself, still include to be the dialog of an organic whole with those song be in harmony already. 20220315100014 623063ae133e1 ” Don’t Be Shy ” the begin that appears in the film. Small seat number follows a pair of leather shoes and a pair of hands advance on the stair of carve patterns or designs on woodwork in palm red. The song asperses full sunshine, have general world feeling, encourage affection cataract, advertise ability having love to be on this heavenly body base oneself upon. When singing stops abruptly, the cadaverous youth hang oneself that a piece of dot face grew in the picture. Want to see the winding-up stage of film, you just know the existence amlposition of the song in this film and content. The song that should appear in movie ending appears in titles, produced a kind of curious result, namely time is not linear development. Begin is terminal, coda is new beginning. When Harlow is opening black hearse to come on stage for the first time, those who put is ” I Wish, I Wish ” . Pitch on of his car graveyard field from blue that car, be in with Mu De again graveyard come across. The daisy that they see echo of gravestone of a white in camera lens later. When haing Luo Shang is in phase of vivid the dead at that time, the song that Sidiwensi fills a hope has been in wave. “I hope I can know / it is what lets me become me / you become you. ” if can drop a casing and position, ask a few questions more so like Sidiwensi, whether can have life been worth more a bit? ” Where Do The Children Play ” after appearing in the dialog of admire heart and Harlow about daisy. Mude is taking a flower to say to Harlow, everyone is general like the flower unique, they are treated by mechanical gruffly from pleasant however. Camera lens is regressive, swarm a picture like the domino till white gravestone. Gravestone shakes gently, harlow and admire heart start off. They drive cross field, disregard two play skin youths of roadside hitchhike, sail groggily city. “Had we taken very long way / is change in everyday happen / but where can children still be amuse oneself? ” the lyric of this song is very simple, call popular feeling spellbound to what change quickly. Dan Sidi Wen Si sing very hopefully absently, seem there is beacon at the back of smoother. He likes to play trick on end sound, let it float again when wanting to end a circuit dimple. Because be to first the song has the motion picture again, probable this paragraph of 2 people are like greased lightning drive go into town, the scene that plays sharp drift like dodgems is to get musical inspiration. Kate Sidiwensi is good at brewing an emotion in calm. Outside breaking through the engine sound of the short-tempered of singing is the mood in the song, change. They will greet the first time conflict with the police. Last song ” Trouble ” with season unbalanced happen together. Harlow is opening black hearse to create his death for the last time. Mu De is in a hospital to death, silence sads like beautiful like withered. Hearse gallops and cross the road with depressed firn, leave to the sunshine that does not have firn. The content of the song is the anguish after telling love, write love for example blaze, bright warmth, but very hot hand. There is words of song of a word inside, “Irritated worry, ask you to let off me / I already had paid price / do not leave me in abyss of misery again please now ” , with Joan Bates (Joan Baez) ” Diamonds And Rust ” different in approach but equally satisfactory in result, had enlightened the love of life inspects the gift that must pay price. Different is, although Joan Bates is sung distressedly, but manner calm, mood inner tube is worn proud. Of Kate Sidiwensi ” Trouble ” still lie in anguish, right like the person magical prayer, pray anguish leaves quickly, the first song in letting him return film ” Don’t Be Shy ” the condition when. Sidiwensi’s wife is leaving him at that time, the song is caky his affection at that time, the hope of the person that contain is created — make affection torrent, fearless, spend lifetime like Mude.

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