Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022
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Original title: The message is transmitted, well-known actress dies in the home Local time on March 13, the intermediary outside occupying reports, the American actor, Williams · conspicuous that ever obtained cross Oscar optimal hero dies especially, die at the age of is 71 years old. The son with Williams · special conspicuous says in a statement, on March 13, namely Williams · conspicuous is special of 72 years old of birthday before a week, he dies in the home because of natural reason.

20220315100017 623063b1e4c2a

Conspicuous of · of Williams of Williams · hertz spy was born in Washington special zone on March 20, 1950 especially. Its are read at famous Zhu Li inferior institute, with Si Heke of Mu of Williams of collect guest · Lisituofu Lifu is a classmate. 1986, hertz spy because the film ” the kiss of spider daughter ” obtained a the Oscar Award optimal hero award, depend on 1986 ” the children of god of prep in bad with ” and 1987 ” close broadcast news ” win same award twice continuously nomination. Outstanding of Williams · conspicuous has acted ” be out of shape doctor ” ” broadcast news ” ” unexpected guest ” ” the behind the curtain adjudicates on ” ” Jane Ai ” ” artificial intelligence ” etc, also be to overflow power of series film ” Ross’s general ” , ever won award of British film institute, be in knock gently many award had been won on the important international film festival such as accept film festival, Berlin film festival. 2005, hertz outstanding performed Jing Song piece ” force history ” , depended on this nomination the Oscar Award second year optimal male costar. The motion picture that showed 2008 ” inapproachable grand is overcome ” in, ross of hertz spy personate’s general. After this, go out early or late performed film of many super hero, include ” American header 3: Civil war ” ” avenger is allied 3: Infinite war ” ” avenger is allied 4: The battle of end ” , amid all personate is same part. 2015, williams · conspicuous ever came to Shanghai to attend especially swim the activity of industry of a group of things with common features movie, williams · conspicuous says especially at that time, with swim a group of things with common features cooperative film ” Long Fengjie ” , result from just about his feeling to Shanghai, and the longing that changes to Haipawen. “The father that lamentation of ground of familial and special bitterness adores Hutt, conspicuous of · of Williams of actor of Oscar bear the palm died on March 13, 2022 especially, only from 72 years old of his birthday a week. He dies at natural reason, quiet below family company ground is parting, ” the son Weir with Williams · special conspicuous is written in a statement. Origin: Red star news, new capital signs up for

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