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Original title: ” Chun Jiang water is warm ” the director is new piece ” wood world ” switch on the mobile phone, diligent, Wu Lei performs Jiang Qin mother child New capital signs up for dispatch on March 15, ” Chun Jiang water is warm ” direct those who consider Xiao Gang to be made newly ” wood world ” switch on the mobile phone in Hangzhou. This You Wulei, Jiang Qin is diligent present as leading role to act the leading role, chen Jianbin holds the position of an art director. Official small gain matchs civil say: “When Chun Jiang water is warm, terrestrial wood is in. Main actor Wu Lei, Jiang Qin is diligent ‘ mother child ‘ get together Hangzhou, film showing a body ” wood world ” switch on the mobile phone the spot. ‘ the wood ‘ hang down in clusters, open ‘ the world ‘ brigade. Open ‘ the world ‘ brigade..

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Switch on the mobile phone according to. The picture comes from it is reported of official small gain, the film ” wood world ” a pair of mothers in telling about hill of west lake tea child the story that save atone for. Wu Lei is in piece in personate ” eye lotus ” , jiang Qin is diligent personate ” liver mosses is spent ” . According to directing Gu Xiaogang to divulge, part name of the son ” eye lotus ” take from Chinese traditional folktale ” eye lotus saves a parent ” , part name of the mother ” liver mosses is beautiful ” take the renown verse from Yuan Mei of Qian Tangshi’s person ” liver mosses ” a medium ” if rice is small,liver mosses is spent, also learn peony to leave ” . Gu Xiaogang is passed ” turn interpret ” this classical folklore, combine subject matter of instantly society reality, told about a mother child the story that helps atone for: To search the father that leaves home to go going to Hangzhou and break couplet 10 years, the son looks lotus comes to Hangzhou attend school alone; To take care of be about to the son that the university graduates, flower of maternal liver mosses will to Hangzhou collect tea to fend. The day that calms originally spends the affection misfortune with a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord that collect tea to remove billows gradually because of liver mosses, liver mosses flower joins bilk organization by accident, eye lotus tries rescue of do all one can, disturbance looks be like appease, mother child was immersed in more acedia condition however. The son with perplexed hesitate, the mother of devotional collapse, the father that have never been heard of since, in hill of bank of Hangzhou city, west lake, tea, contemporary edition ” eye lotus saves a parent ” story, the corner that happens in this wood world. New capital newspaper edits Xu Meilin to proofread Li Lijun

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