Fri. Sep 30th, 2022
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Original title: Deng Lun steals dodge a tax to be punished acting character of much home business affairs announces to end cooperation with its

20220315120035 62307fe3a233f

On March 15, according to Xinhua News Agency, put in prison of duty of foundation of bureau of the 4th check provides Shanghai revenue medium clew, via taxation big data is analysed further, discover Deng Lun is suspected of stealing money of dodge a tax, be punished 106 million yuan to add up to. It is reported, the collect of business affairs acting character in hand of Deng human relations, include show of Baogeli, snowflake, Paris Oulaiya, combine more than 10 brand such as benefit China, Gui Ge, Jun Lebao, much home brand already announced to end cooperation with its at present.

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15 days afternoon, cloud rice brand makes a statement, decide to the collaboration with Deng Lun is stopped to concern since this day.

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Just, bifurcation of for a long time releases statement to announce to stop the collaboration with Deng Lun to concern.

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Bird of Hua Heqing raise, dish wraps associated benefit wrap, the brand such as Oulaiya also announces to end cooperation with Deng Lun in succession!

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