Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: The People’s Daily judges Deng Lun to steal dodge a tax: Rectify and reform do not be about to be rectified and reform thoroughly thoroughly

20220315120142 62308026317eb

(origin: People’s Daily) bulletin of branch of classics duty Wu, deng Lun steals dodge a tax to be fined 106 million yuan by pursue and wipe out. This is achievement that entertainment field revenue superintends, also be right relevant from personnel of course of study lawfully the strong caution of pay taxes. Since period of time, much name has communal force act art star, network advocate sow, all steal dodge a tax because of be suspected of, be fathered to check lawfully punish severely, release the law is depended on surely, the bright signal that executes the law strictly. Notable is, after be being reminded to supervise and urge as a result of Deng Lun, still rectify and reform not complete, concerned branch Caiyifali case the duty Wu inspection that begins full-scale development. Active error correction, the likelihood is light; Fail error correction, hard to avoid from heavy. Execute the law supervise, have ” rigid ” also there is no lack of ” flexible ” , remind supervise and urge even if change wrong opportunity, if obstinately stick to a wrong course, can wait only come legal bright sword, it is to break an outlet oneself undoubtedly. Tax law comply with, not be a trifling matter, also do not have chance to be able to be gotten. Offer a piece of advice more and relevant from personnel of course of study, as soon as possible self-communion is checked oneself from correct, make good example, win tomorrow.

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