Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Maotai denies president of fuddle of Pan the Yangtse River to take price advantageous position: Conduct propaganda is not belonged to solid 20220315120147 6230802b65f84Spot of direct seeding of water of wine of Pan the Yangtse River 15 days, the Yangtse River of Pan of Maotai company response takes authority of price of water of company alcoholic drink to say ” conduct propaganda is not belonged to solid ” . Chief expresses to media related Guizhou Maotai, pan Changjiang did not have collaboration with the company, mention about Pan Changjiang ” know president ten years ” wait to also be not belonged to solid. Recently, media coverage says to be in the direct seeding of special performance of water of a wine at the beginning of March, the Yangtse River of well-known actress Pan is promoting Maotai tiger in ground of the exert to one’s utmost before screen year any of the twelve animals wine. It is reported is in spot of this direct seeding is filled up with wine of Maotai any of the twelve animals, pan Changjiang says: “I and Maotai company president know ten years, last night I his fuddle, let him sign a contract to give me price right ” , this opinion on public affairs caused the heat of netizens to discuss.

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