Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: New network reviews event of Deng human relations in: Deng Lun people insanity of avoid by all means explores legal bottom line

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(origin: Chinese news network) ” did not think of Deng Lun also steals dodge a tax! ” Deng Lun is announced to be suspected of stealing dodge a tax to be fined by pursue and wipe out now in duty Wu branch after 106 million yuan of message, the in an uproar on the net. Have before advocate sow osmund Ya, Xue Li, have Deng Lun today, “Steal dodge a tax ” the bottom line that how became character of one part public to explore frequently? Since last year, duty Wu branch moves again and again, the famous network such as osmund Ya, Xue Li, Lin Shanshan advocate sow all got a huge sum to punish sheet. While earn basin full earthen bowl is full, they forgot it seems that as ” example ” , should keep some abide by record idea of pay taxes of abide by the law, sincere letter. Fall into money eye, earn money merely, do not want to assume the social responsibility that matchs with income photograph, it is the issue that these people are considering in of one mind probably. Deng Lun today second be being checked also is strong remind: Again ” tricky ” , also escape to execute the law nevertheless of the branch ” piercing eye ” . Glance again brief introduction of small gain of individual of Deng human relations — ” be an upright person well, act in a play seriously ” , became the ticket of an exceeding absurdity at this moment. True, from art first abide by the law.

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