Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022
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Original title: Investment of Zhang Tingfu Fu establishs industrial company to register capital to be 20 million yuan 20220315120218 6230804aa2a71This company industrial and commercial information 20220315120218 6230804a4b343This company main staff reachs shareholder information 20220315120218 6230804a750c6Zhang Ting and Lin Ruiyang (the data pursues) The eye that seize a day checks App to show, on March 15, shanghai is naughty not industrial limited company establishs law court, register capital 20 million yuan of RMBs, the legal representative is Kuang Guiyuan, lin Jirong (Lin Ruiyang) with Zhang Shuqin (Zhang Ting) hold the position of general manager and inspect thing respectively. It is reported, this company scope of operations includes Internet sale; Health seeks advice from a service; Food of things of baby of the first kind of sale electron product, medical apparatus and instruments, mother, pet and things. Equity penetrates the graph shows, this company is cleaned out by Shanghai not limited company of medium of front courtyard culture is wholy-owned hold.

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