Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: Deng Lun steals dodge a tax to be punished and pursue and wipe out 106 million yuan ” nocturnal traveller ” ” fine elegant collect 2 ” wait for sow

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On March 15, according to message of Xinhua News Agency, deng Lun steals dodge a tax to be fined 106 million yuan by pursue and wipe out. It is reported, deng Lun is waited for at present sow drama to still have ” fine elegant collect 2 ” , ” nocturnal traveller ” , ” graduation season ” , dai Yan has rice of show of Baogeli, Roger Vivier, Suofeiya, snowflake, cloud, Paris benefit of Oulaiya, Qing Yang, combination China, beneficial of bifurcation of spot cloth, for a long time, Gui Ge, Lifespace is born.

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After stealing dodge a tax to be fined 106 million yuan by pursue and wipe out, subsequently cloud rice brand makes a statement, decide to the collaboration with Deng Lun is stopped to concern since this day.

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It is reported, the put together that Deng Lun participates in transcribe art ” great detective ” Yu Benzhou 4 broadcast newest first phase, appear according to what premonitory meeting has Deng Lun.

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