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Original title: Fabaceous valve already was fallen to wear in partial application shop

20220315120241 623080613d7bf

(origin: Beijing daily client is carried) on March 15, the reporter believes know of Chinese government small letter from the net, the serious network chaos that exists in the light of net of current beans valve is resembled, on March 15, office of information of Internet of Beijing of guidance of office of national Internet information expedites working superintend and director to guide group, garrison fabaceous valve net supervises and urge rectify and reform.

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Before distributing news dispatches up to the reporter, fabaceous valve already was fallen to wear in partial application shop, include China for, OPPO and Vivo application shop. In the apple at present App Store still can be searched normally. Come nearly one year, fabaceous valve is frequent because ” be call-overed ” , ” next wearing ” with ” be punished ” wait for a problem to cause people attention. Last year on December 1, net letter does chief to talk about fabaceous valve net about main controller, editor in chief, appear frequently in the light of net of valve of near future beans and its Zhang date the information that law, code prohibits release or be being transmitted, the clue is serious, according to relevant law laws and regulations, instruct its to be rectified and reform instantly, gravity treats relevant responsibility person. Subsequently, beijing net letter does to give lawfully to science and technology of net of beans of main body of operation of fabaceous valve net add up to the administrative punishment of 1.5 million yuan of amerce.

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Notable is, came in January 2021 between November, net letter branch already was carried out 20 times to fabaceous valve early or late deal with punishment, give top case fines 500 thousand yuan for many times among them, accumulative total amerce has achieved 9 million yuan. In addition, fabaceous valve APP ever still collected individual information problem to be versed in believe a bulletin to rectify and reform for many times because of exceeding range. The bulletin shows, last year in November, because fabaceous valve exists ” exceed limits to gather individual information ” be asked to rectify and reform by industry letter ministry, answer at be being finished before November 9, be not rectified and reform to exceed the time limit or do not rectify and reform the App that reach the designated position, industry letter ministry will be depended on lawfully compasses undertake dealing with and give administration is punished. Last year in December, industry letter ministry is reported external say, because existence exceeds limits to collect the problem of individual information, and did not finish according to the requirement rectify and reform, because this basis is relevant,law asks to undertake falling wearing handling to fabaceous valve App. Public data shows, be subordinate to of fabaceous valve net belongs to limited company of science and technology of Beijing beans net, legal representative Li Yafei. This company ever will be punished to make an appointment with 16 thousand yuan because of violating advertisement law last year in April; Last year in August, this company is published because of existing, transmission contains advocate the behavior of the network publication of bawdy, pornography, gamble, violent abet perhaps crime is punished 40 thousand yuan.

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