Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022
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Original title: Deng Lun steals dodge a tax to be punished and 106 million yuan of brand just deletes pursue and wipe out in succession collaboration is dynamic

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On March 15, according to Xinhua News Agency, deng Lun steals dodge a tax to be fined 106 million yuan by pursue and wipe out. Before long, dispatch of cloud rice brand expresses to the collaboration with Deng Lun is stopped to concern since this day. Weather eye checks App to show, under one’s name of Deng human relations has 2 companies, it is Deng Lun respectively (Shanghai) atelier of culture of movie and TV and atelier of culture of movie and TV of boat Shan Denglun, 2 atelier all are individual of Deng human relations solely invested enterprise, held water 2016 to mix respectively 2018. According to media not complete count, at present acting character product has Deng Lun more than 10, have luxury brand Bao Geli already, also have wash protect brand snowflake show, Oulaiya, Qing Yang to wait, still case of food brand laurel, Jun Lebao waits. Current, these brands just deleted the trends that cooperates with Deng Lun in succession.

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