Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

Original title: Heat of the whole world that resemble battle is not blown! CNN publicizes new theatrical work actively! Beautiful marriage give up and name of vermicelli made from bean starch are too sweet Heat of the whole world that resemble battle is not blown really! ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” after Guan Xuan decides archives, CNN official date is this drama conduct propaganda actively. After the netizen sees, laugh say drama just wants to laugh woke, this one conduct propaganda is free international conduct propaganda purely. Our that is to say, xiao Zhan WETV (APP of edition of international of some dispatch video) this spokesman chooses absolutely! More absolutely is, drama has not broadcasted, the government is basked in go out ” beautiful marriage give up ” billboard, with name of the vermicelli made from bean starch that consider the Kingdom of Wei, already sweet to the netizen. Will sow at leaving late on March 15 ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” , adapt the homonymic novel that learns author Berlin manson from Jin Jiangwen, by Yang Zi Xiao Zhan acts the leading role. Those who tell is music the department is large school of 3 students Lin Zhi, with dominant doctor Gu Wei of father, encounter the bosom friend loves each other cure department story. After announce of this drama official decides archives, appear went out to explode igneous trend: Read a quantity that day 470 million, discuss degree 1.456 million. This trend, also caused many passerby to be opposite ” survive ” attention. Among them, do not lack the netizen of the greedy face that resemble battle: Jiang Wenxue having advance male advocate the Xiao Zhan of the face that say, perform advance river hero, whole expect. See the Gu Wei of the personate that resemble battle especially, with the Lin Zhi school of Yang Zi personate, the photograph of beautiful marriage give up, everybody is direct sweet dizzy. The school of the Gu Weilin on billboard, wearing marriage give up to place Pose to camera lens, the expression of 2 people is nifty and lively, take the place of to feel extremely strong, resemble extremely beside the happy look that takes a picture when friend marriage. Be like battle frown twitch one’s mouth, yang Zi toots the mouth compares the pose of Ye, do in blaming, do not break lovely, the sweet taste that there is love in air. Because of sweet degree explode the marriage of the watch is illuminated, bring about a netizen to lie between empty ” minatory ” drama square: I should see the titbits of this group of photographs, I persuade you not to want fail to appreciate sb’s kindness to force I beg you! Our that is to say, sweet love, as expected nobody can be held back, hahahaha. The play that still sees this request please square, hemp is smooth the ground puts titbits video. Although greedy Xiaozhan is handsome the person of cheeks is not little, but the straight male behavior of the Gu Wei in seeing play, everybody also is ruthless ground speaks he. The netizen still gave # to consider a doctor each days to teach you the video of # of a lone skill: Gu Wei tears down flintily the double-fold eyelid of different key point of Lin Zhi school sticks: ” your eye is red, there is adhesive plaster on your eye. ” face fishily says to Lin Zhi school: ” bulb is bad, you are repaired. ” ” you help me pull the land. ” collywobbles of Lin Zhi school, he spoke that to be fed up with exponential thief’s tall word unexpectedly: ” drink hot water more. ” never mention it Lin Zhi school one face is muddled, the audience is right the Gu Wei of this honest and frank, also be one face ground but. Pardonable somebody is taken ” ace army ” medium Gu Yiye, undertake comparatived with Gu Wei: An idea is exquisite tender feelings sweet meaning, gao Leng of a honest and frank loves handle person. But also be this kind of contrast, the follow-up in drama is chased after wife gut, ability will be sweet to toothache. Otherwise, also won’t because of an actor’s lines in drama, was born to consider the name of vermicelli made from bean starch of the Kingdom of Wei. Consider the name of vermicelli made from bean starch of the Kingdom of Wei, have small fool, Gu Weigui, gentlewoman, in coming from drama among them ” small fool ” voice is extremely loud. Xiao Zhan says that ” small fool ” exceed really revive, if this word is changed get up ring, believe to want to bilk a bed again without the person? ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” from pat get attention with respect to equipment, although delay,sowed 2 years many, but the audience is worth to its expectation, never reduce. From at present the discussion of entire network is spent in light of, after predicting to sow, or will be in with the corresponding period sow drama, the data of occurrence fault type. Not be hyperbole, however before Yang Zi and the consequence that resemble battle individual opera, honest very absolutely.

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