Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” explode fire, with these work photograph comparing returns meaning of within an inch of! Leave this year year besides one ” between the world ” outside what to have popular drama anthology appears like that goose the awaken of spring is abundant in March one ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” chill is killed come

20220315120522 6230810260637

” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” give priority to with riddle, do not pay attention to develop a plot through logistic inference with the crafty plot of the plot with bizarre alarmingly dangerous and afford for thought realistically

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” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” with ” picture division ” this one new perspective spreads out story of unit of 10 unit stories and picture photograph to be united in wedlock tell about means to make a person find everything new and fresh

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The rhythm in drama is lively a bit not careful can fall next crucial information sometimes nervous dare not let off a detail ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” go up in this foundation no matter sublimate standard is to film focusing of gimmick, camera lens, smooth still shadow attempers, color is tonal etc

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This drama another big hotspot double male advocate set arrives from alone pursuit justice become ” immortal partner ” Tan Jian the collaboration with Jin Shijia is praiseworthy although exhibit sow confirmed in my heart but undeniable Jin Shijia has been in cast off by actual strength

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In because excellent quality public praise is climbed point-blank,to this drama the circumstance of 0 conduct propaganda falls litre

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Drama anthology had updated 16 collect to still 4 collect sowed is to return the tall cent that did not see quite small cruel recommend a suspense to everybody to shine to burn cerebral degree the slightest amount or degree not to lose at ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” 01 cruel read a net: There is cunning in the heart “

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02 cruel read net work ” different hears archives “

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03 cruel read net work ” river of civilian clothes edge ” ” mad explore “

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