Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Original title: What does good-looking 2021 teleplay have? In the teleplay that broadcasted 2021, have 4 good-lookingly, it is drama of crack a criminal case respectively ” sweep black storm ” , drama of ancient costume knight-errant ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” , espionage war play ” traitor ” and black unreal is expeditionary drama ” the Yunnan bug cereal that ghost blows the lamp ” ! The first teleplay that be adapted according to real case and comes ” sweep black storm ” , this drama acts by Sun Gonglei and Liuyi monarch, case of Yunnan grandson small fruit, Hunan Wen Liehong case, Hunan shakes a playground newly to bury cadaver case and sea Nanchang to promote Huang Hong to send case mix to arrive one case, the green cane city that formed drama edition is brillant the law case of far crime group! The Li Chengyang of Sun Gonglei personate, cooperate superintend and director to guide group, cooking starch of collect of final will brillant far crime is broken, although Sun Gonglei spits groove in the acting in this drama, but affecting this theatrical work is a good theatrical work that is worth to look! The drama of knight-errant ancient costume that the 2nd Zhang Reyun acts the leading role ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” , this drama basically told about Xu Feng year should accede with oneself method boreal Liang army story, what have knight-errant theatrical work already is pleased favour enemy, have the accuse and denounce at a meeting of the each trying to cheat the other over temple hall again, this drama can calls a knight-errant the new model of drama! Play of war of the 3rd espionage ” traitor ” , this drama acts the leading role by Zhu Yilong and Tong Yao, together with has Wang Zhiwen ginseng of such old show bone acts, see cast knows firm. The Lin Nan sheng that gut told about Zhu Yilong personate and the Zhu Yizhen of Tong Yao personate, two have render service to repay kindness the youth of motherland ideal, in subterranean party the impel of Gu Shenyan and discipline Central Plains falls, grow step by step the story that is outstanding Party member! This drama ending is very touching, zhu Yizhen sacrificed for sheng of covering Lin Nan ego, lin Nan sheng was imagining Zhu Yizhen to return from beginning to end however beside! The 4th is Pan Yueming, Zhang Yuqi and Jiang Chao’s main actor ” the Yunnan bug cereal that rob a tomb takes notes ” , this drama tells about iron triangle to solve the ghost eye curse that goes up personally to defeat, set out again Yunnan bug cereal is expeditionary, by right of a piece the graph found the ground to show king grave, and experience 1000 difficult 10 thousand danger, took Zuo this world eventually bead, regrettablly Zuo dirt bead not be the antidote that contacts them to curse directly, however a key, 3 people continue even expeditionary ” Kunlun god palace ” !

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