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Original title: Xiao Zhan is sneaked away to go out act ” small soubrette ” , the partner is Liu Shishi, vermicelli made from bean starch speaks ” he is not freezer “ Xiao Zhan shows level filming teleplay ” that sea in the dream ” , the partner is the Li Qin that cooperates for many times. This drama subject matter slants the mainstream, spread out for setting with reforming and opening. This drama has not been patted, bottom drama of Xiao Zhan has caused attention, a few large volume are minor ” cake of movie and TV ” blow on the face and come. Good one side proves Xiao Zhan is influential force, bad one side is difficult differentiate of true and false. Xiao Zhan is sneaked away to go out act ” fox bewitching small soubrette ” , the partner is Shi Shi of person wife Liu has a message to say recently, xiao Zhan is contacting the play of movie and TV that a popular IP adapts, the name cries ” fox bewitching small soubrette ” . It is drama of love of a black unreal, gut head hole is larger, can attract the eyeball of the audience. As accepted ” ancient costume is beautiful male ” , xiao Zhan suits to go out perform this theatrical work, continue to create him ” ancient costume is mythological ” . Resemble was being patted last year ” jade bone Yao ” , prevue confuses a big one piece directly, suit ancient costume very much really. As to heroine it is Shi Shi of person wife Liu. Liu Shishi is passed ” step by step Jing heart ” bright red big violet, filmed later a few drama, but basis was not hit firm. In legitimate child of knot of summit summit period, delay oneself auspicious future. Postpartum after reappearing, take out theatrical work of a few movie and TV (” him dear ” , ” years drifting gold ” etc) , just the effect is general, the summit summit condition before be being returned hard. At present best means is to return to old trade film ancient costume drama, a heat of a few discharge earns in adept domain. Of one’s early years ” if Ma Ertai sunlights ” , ” whip unplugs jade ” it is best example, shi Shi letting Liu brushs sufficient existence to feel. Go out so perform this theatrical work, say to Liu Shi Shilai slow and steady, turn over red probability bigger. State in the closest Liu Shishi in interviewing bottom drama is ancient costume drama, did not mention specific name. The pretty close is ” fox bewitching small soubrette ” , expect extremely what cause vermicelli made from bean starch. Liu Shishi of more than 30 years old should spell a career really, change oneself position firm. Present circumstance is, the ginseng that resemble battle is not joined act to still do not decide, just be in osculatory phase. And Liu Shishi basically can go out certainly act. Xiao Zhan and Liu poem poem this elder cooperates, their ancient costume the appearance of an actor is good, yan Zhi is belonged to comely one clique, do not look to go up to was not violated and feeling. It is Liu Shishi has been person wife only, CP feeling can get very big impact, the generation of the audience is entered feeling not allow to ignore, influence indeed very big. The vermicelli made from bean starch that resemble battle speaks ” he is not freezer ” well-known, the drama of movie and TV that contacts Xiao Zhan without number. He holds the position of hero, discharge heat does not need to worry about too much. It is this only ” cake of movie and TV ” too much, xiao Zhan is met ” dyspeptic ” , calculate 365 days not to leave a play staff, this all one’s life is patted impossibly also completely. ” fox bewitching small soubrette ” it is example, just be in osculatory phase, the variable from the back is very big. Xiao Zhan of more than 30 years old is badly in need of transition, drama of celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct is ancient perhaps occasionally drama can be not touched do not touch. He what do not lack flow, it is a kind of existence that chicken ribs. The attitude of vermicelli made from bean starch is apparent, announce of short of official, everything is to be pulled in vain. Still speak ” Xiao Zhan is not freezer, cake is otherwise too much, my concern takes bad gut ” . The volume of freezer is very large, can install below a lot of miscellaneous 7 miscellaneous the thing of 8, have the effect that stores to protection. Vermicelli made from bean starch the assimilate to that resemble battle ” freezer ” very apt, a few play staffs always take Xiao Zhan smooth pink to earn heat, want to affix Xiao Zhan to be able to sleep without anxiety only, early days heat had, be in charge of him to be able to invite finally come. Xiao Zhan is these drama ” amulet ” , have the effect that lasts for drama, with feeding capable person is a truth. Let feed capable person only (play) fresh, capital attraction just is met successful. Xiao Zhan this ” big freezer ” be ” famous brand freezer ” , the play is put inside to always can cause attention. But he is not true freezer after all, it is the actor of a dependable devoir only, him burnish of of one mind act art career, not so much ” the intestines that spend a flower ” , also do not need to use drainage of pink be swifted current. Hope each are big the play staff is in not final before, still do not take Xiao Zhan to say a thing. Terminal Xiao Zhan is not ” freezer ” , he is brief drainage only. No matter can become hero, see the quality of gut even finally.

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