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Original title: The gender invades bully approach to bury cadaver, after be decreased by cutout, he is born as before fierce! Picture person draws a heart, crackdown society topic, his eye is feet, this suspense drama was chased after in March decided! Government-owned elder sister gives a mark: 7.5.

20220315120530 6230810ad23d5

Modelling makes fun of handsome painter, make a picture in seaside doodle one of these day, mysterious woman gives come a piece of photograph of 3 years old of child child: “Hear you are met ‘ are 3 years old of pictures old ‘ ? Does that picture give a photograph to go up little boy appearance of 35 years old?

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The talent likes most, it is a challenge of course in other people eye impossible. In an instant between, the picture of a grown man appears on this wall, it is the painter does not know only, he this picture is made, became edge tool in virtually however, kill a policeman of group of detect of boreal river punishment dead.

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Also making a picture because of this, changed the life of his future, let him disappear from artistic circle, turn to make division of an imitate picture all right. This one act, out heats up new theatrical work of sowed a dark horse recently — ” hunt blame illustrated handbook “

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01 ” divine explore ” together, second Tan Jian of fast crack a criminal case second personate Shen Yi, the painter with artistic hot bound, a picture is made can send a high price, because of the misunderstanding 7 years ago, turn to make imitate picture division all right, observation is sent more subtle, disposition also becomes more tender.

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We know, occasionally the word of eyewitness is done not have so authentic, it is after all in specific time, remember the appearance of guilty suspect completely impossibly, below the circumstance that does not rely on monitoring and photograph, want the appearance of reductive crime suspect, difficulty is quite great.

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But the Shen Yi in drama, as if even if opened the divine visit that hang, the ability of crack a criminal case that line gets line of one whole gumshoe is done not have so strong. Just entered a police station for instance, informal, with respect to the occupation that can see this individual, return even can accurate the height that speaks a person, weight, results confuses the star eye of younger sister.

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In addition, he is returned can from eyewitness nuncupative in, take detail, never be the same as angle the appearance of reductive crime suspect.

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A paragraph of nightly monitoring is recorded, the woman inside is wearing guaze mask, he also can the appearance that essence of life follows to draw an each other.

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More exaggerated is, even if be to a skull, he also can feel bone to return flesh, reductive the appearance that gives this one skull.

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His god that draw ability arrives to be able to adopt the daughter’s look even, recover from an illness the appearance that gives father of her one’s own, put forward 3 this two people in the mouth to be not the doubt of female relation of one’s own father.

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See here, government-owned elder sister cannot help giving out the question that melon masses takes in drama: “Whats can be drawn, this is unscientific! This is unscientific!!

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But, more unusual than gut, it is reality unexpectedly. The law case that division of picture of the imitate in real life experiences, still have unexpectedly than gut more pull, in drama male advocate ability, still was weakened even.

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Had caused the silver interlink murder that not little attention spends, picture division is mixed according to a year many former dossier of eyewitness nuncupative, had a picture to the suspect.

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Well-known student studying abroad Zhang Ying glume is missing one case, the monitoring of police control, than teleplay case in even bad, see not clear person even. But be called ” explore of clever pen god ” Lin Yuhui, just magnify from frame of the one frame in video cut pursues, carry the picture that papers high, the picture gave the picture of guilty suspect, help police is caught really fierce. Likelihood drama of movie and TV is exaggerative the Yan Zhi of imitate picture division.

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Of course, also not be to say this theatrical work with respect to fantastic, without Bug. For instance to highlight imitate picture division, of someone else handle a case ability also sufferred weaken, give an audience one kind complete by Shen Yi deliberate, the picture comes crack a criminal case is inspected already feeling. Gut setting is double male advocate, besides Shen Yi, still have the gumshoe header Du Cheng of personate of golden world beautiful. 7 years ago, shen Yi gets the imitate picture that person place asks, it is master thunder team of Du Cheng, the picture brings about the other side to admit in the street and be killed by elder brother apprentice. Unluckily Shen Yi is after the picture Ptsd, do not draw the mysterious woman appearance that gives to entrust his picture at that time from beginning to end, because this this picket homicide case became the contradictory crucial point of two people.

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Du Cheng disposition is hot, shen Yi is tender and exquisite, the person that two act style differs completely, however the incite sb to do sth because of superior, comprise a partner. On the masterstroke that traffics a woman, an another case, let two the individual’s relations alleviate gradually, become the teammate that fights side-by-side, two-way save atone for. But problem also subsequently and come, the team friendship of two people is begun too speed, do not give a person very hard a kind, the government gives crack with teeth in mouth forcedly the sense of candy.

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Outside the ability of crack a criminal case of aggrandizement Shen Yi, as double male advocate Du Cheng, appear some tools person. Do not agree to say the suspect of true word like several years, in Shen Yi in a few words falls, spoke truth? In addition, police handles a case not to wear a glove, guaze mask of job of legal medical expert does not adorn reach the designated position, centrifugal uses a method to make mistake, it is the Bug that appears in drama.

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But the defects cannot obscure the virtues, two collect the compact gut of a case, to the attention of social topic, picture division this one occupational is fresh feeling, let this drama obtain many attention to spend. Accordingly, film of valve of even if beans has not opened branch at present, but go up in other and gregarious platform, the public praise of this new theatrical work still is climbed all the way litre. The 02 straight conversation that strike a company are inscribed, before stamp go-between heart the population that this drama masterstroke is in around mysterious woman traffics respecting group, tell about two male advocate between two-way save atone for. And other case, without be absent the social topic with Cue popular instantly.

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Resemble sexual scandal CD. Beauty parlour dean uses his method, will come round the room that the female of face-lifting pulls to had been transformed into oneself, carry out injustice through confusing medicine, record the face that left party, the victim is as high as more than 80, after the event he browbeats with CD these females, let them dare not speak them experience the mouth, continue even cast oneself on he, become him to use the small white mouse of face-lifting experienced hand.

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A few this years attention spends the campus that rises gradually bully approach incident, likelihood the Yinaisheng of the dark person that love hates traceable, also may be spectator borrow machine jeer. The teenage ego below this one setting is cognitive, also deserve public attention.

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Have the teacher of criminal record of act indecently towards student for instance again, by discharge hind again gallery of obtain employment open. Exhibiting picture oppose do not go up the time making a picture on the side, the red dot of mark does not resemble trading frequency, stranger is, it is the work of a painter obviously, tag different author however. Boss of so called before gallery, it is pimp only, exhibiting picture is made, it is the girl that is marked a price to be used at the gender to trade by plain code.

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Still have kill a hog dish. To you inquire after sb’s health shows consideration for to the utmost male friend, turn the head kidnaps you to little black room, to ask a price of your father all over the sky.

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Because problem of record of formal schooling is felt socially,climb when you boil dozen, old hind ability astounded discovery, at the outset oneself diploma by other people inside story of a plot, the other side is taking you at the outset achievement, all the way green light, life light is bright beautiful, still had the white rich beautiful fiancee that talks about marriage talking to marry, how should be made up for by the life of spirit away?

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Son and parental be apart two ground, did not have contact all the year round, the old person is cheated unbearably by the video that an AI changes a face hands or feet, frighten oneself all belongings and even all one’s life credit on compensate, think can help a son cast off predicament.

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03 phonate for female group besides the society besides popular topic, a bit this drama is the most god-given, focusing is on female predicament. Homebred suspense drama of these a few years, we saw more is the hero with excellent ability of crack a criminal case, and the minor role that has Gao Guang, also be in the majority with the male, woman role, more is appropriative vase perhaps is adorned. This drama presented all sorts of woman roles for us, police station director, legal medical expert, architect, white-collar… they can be the person above average in the industry, also can be the Everyman as us. Even if be the guilty suspect in drama, also be in to express female difficult position setting. Resemble the appearance angst that nowhere is absent, the female becomes beautiful to let her, undertake face-lifting is repaired, final it is the tragedy that cannot make up for however.

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The aeriform sexual distinction that exists in duty field is discriminated against, let architect think, oneself ability not those who reach the first times is fine-looking and important. In savor fine-looking after brought profit, the career for him hold together, the person that she becomes herself do harm to from victim change, finally is to be on guilty road more. But life should not is restricted by appearance definition standoff, picture division saw her ambition from inside her work, with Marie the case of ยท Courier tells her, also sublimate this drama.

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The girl is invaded by the gender, even if her act is conservative, always wearing long sleeve, do not love to be the same as stranger contact with, the party of person of along with age does not join, still cannot avoid her experience. Of err thing, not be a victim, however those challenge law, to innocent person the allergy that reachs Babylon hand. Sincere if comforting her like the police: “He stays on your body, not be discreditable, the darby that is him ” .


Impression of elder sister inviting an official is the deepest, the domestic cruel case in drama of nothing is more… than. Week cloud meaning, marry a week, husband begins to hit her, from most initial fan a slap on the face, develop cuff and kick, hit she is black and bluely, dare not revolt however. Every time she wants to divorce, the other side can browbeat she: You dare divorce I killed you!


Good not easy, borrow strike back by some, she escapes successfully to another city, changed a name, changed mobile phone name, feel OK to begin new life. But can you come again from the beginning really? She dare be not sent pat oneself, dare not send friend ring, dare not be the same as someone else contact with — the pain that goes up personally can cicatrization, the injury in the heart which can be stroked easily smooth?


4 years, the man gets on a piece of Po to be patted oneself in the net by her only, found her. The other side dresses up express little elder brother, rush into her home, wish to send her at the deathtrap.


In life and death during, she rises strike back, kill a success instead, not yet recover from a fright.


In the police station, the bruise that she shines to go up from personal body, take ground of fear after the event to ask slightly: “I is this self-defence? “I is this self-defence??



Of the man show cummer land graceful to identify dead body, she what have 4 months pregnancy, appear quite quiet, reject police autopsy even, want to hurry the dead’s bury.


Stranger is, liu Ting and week cloud meaning brush a shoulder and outdated, liu Ting unexpectedly forward the other side said to I am sorry one sentence. She two understanding? Because be Liu Ting,still said to discover week cloud meaning pat oneself, let a man see, choose the other side to blind lane?


The home is cruel won’t differ because of the spouse, produce a change. Meaning of original week cloud is not to suffer that individual with man cruel home finally. After week cloud meaning runs away, liu Ting also falls into the man’s devil’s talons. With week cloud meaning, she also was hit to be afraid of, want to stretch one’s hand when the man when feeling her, her subliminal reaction is in the future hides, be afraid that the other side hits her. She dare not run away, be afraid that the man kills her family dead.


To cast off a man thoroughly, she thinks of He Zhouyun meaning together. Everybody can see specific process drama, had comparatived to cry — the woman gathers, just can not talk about the Eight Diagrams, more OK and mutual help, save atone for each other.


Acid is, liu Ting shows flaw before the police, just is because of the shadow with cruel home: Feel scared to the sound of arise suddenly.


This days looks much dozen of move is big female advocate banner, still telling Ma Li Suyan finally the drama of affection, did not think of to be in double male advocate in the suspense drama of set, saw the woman role with distinct personality however, also was full of even actor’s lines humanitarian consideration, let an audience feel to make a heart no longer. Regard go with rice as drama, be qualified. The word of not sodden end, the 2nd season can expect to rise ~


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