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Original title: Premonitory sow a quantity 470 million, the topic is measured 530 million, hunan defends inspected Wang Kaiqi following theatrical work to kill all directions mode greatly Did not sow first fire? A drama is used recently solid the data of dozen of fact explained these 4 words — premonitory broadcast a quantity to be as high as 470 million, make an appointment the number is amounted to 600 much, although had not left,sow, booked a day already firmly however to receive the throne that inspects champion.

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This drama acts the leading role by Yang Zi, Xiao Zhan namely — ” survive is asked give advice or comments more ” .

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Want to know, it is ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” , ” son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents ” the play that so big IP adapts, calculate on premonitory broadcast a quantity, its broadcast a quantity first days also is only near 100 million, so ” survive ” this 470 million premonitory broadcast a quantity contain Troy to be able to be imagined. Recently, ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” announce to decide archives, message, kill all directions greatly immediately. Relevant topic reads a quantity to defeat 530 million, discussion quantity is amounted to 1.6 million, its are hot degree can hears exposure than star red.

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So this drama has what magic power after all, let what if is this big,the audience holds to its expect? One, love is not dead, small sweet drama is eternal drama of the closest Han ” 25, 21 ” be popular, prove with everybody of actual travel tendercy — love is not dead, small sweet drama is eternal, love subject matter never passes when.

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Be in especially instantly, people needs to use more small sweet drama comes placatory oneself heart. However nowadays of bully screen is the parent more in TV in short, ” our marriage ” and ” two sides sex of marriage ” fear was full of to marriage not only after letting a person look, it is to make a bored Ju Jiasheng much vividder a few minutes more angst.

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And although drama of a few nets is so-called advocate hit small sweet drama, but the trainee lives in big smooth layer easily; Bird of duty field dish always can cause a president love; Old Mom of rich and powerful family moves even if a piece of check of 5 million is done part company cost… these gut can let a person look to want to laugh only, can not feel to have many sweet.

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Altogether, we lack spirit of a ground connection, sweet really the person’s work, and ” survive ” appear to just meet meantime. Above all, this drama enough ground connection is angry. Of thing of principal and subordinate of male and female is not interpreter official, negotiation official, public relations these lofty looking the profession that go up, it is average doctor is mixed only big 4 students, light is this, estimation can make many audiences acting enter his. Play of so called idol comes even if build the course of the dream, but this dream should have measure, too visional became fantasy, ” survive ” this kind of ability that can make each ordinary girl acting enter is the most absorbing dream.

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Next, it is this drama quite sweet. Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi are in the petty action in drama is sweethearts mark matchs completely. Play together pat stand.

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Take asleep cummer side secretly colour.

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Outfit sleep cheat a of the boy friend ” I like you first, small fool ” .

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The eye contains hot tear ground to propose.

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Each act so true, it is the picture that we ever had produced in amative process, although ordinary however sweet effervescent. Say sweetmeats is to cure not happy and best fine medicine. We should like to ask works one day in hardship, when perhaps residing a be worried, who can refuse such sweet spend the drama of full marks?

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This drama still has one idiosyncratic, do quite namely laugh. The Gu Wei of the personate that resemble battle is super big straight male, can stick the double-fold eyelid of cummer become by accident adhesive plaster tears down offend the other side is furiously unceasingly.

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Meeting in the other side when physiology period, one face speaks that well-known wrong answer innocently: “Drink hot water more. “Drink hot water more..

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Still can be in when changing clothes to be met by chance, one face was eaten the expression of bean curd, evict the person firm firm ground is returned to throw the door after going.

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Rectifying is the doing that the audience loves most laughs male, nevertheless so straight now male, be afraid of moment to should be chased after only wife crematory.

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Because gas of this drama ground connection, Zuo is sweet,be take a few minutes to do oneself again laugh, special the demand watching a movie that accords with instantly audience. Even if accord with the demand of the audience again,do not pass, a drama is unapt also cause so great sensation, actually this drama so fire has a reason additionally still, it is it a 3 course deciding archives that change.

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2, the course that decide archives ” 3 fold ” as drama of love of a modern city, had said according to manage archives should be very easy, and this drama was obtained after blueness is killed by 2019 issue a license, say to should be met according to manage decide archives very quickly to broadcast.

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But those who make a person strange is, this drama however just like disappear forever, without phonic message. The time influence to city drama is to procrastinate more for a long time, harm is greater, a drama procrastinated two years to was not sowed, many people worry about it take spend meeting past the appointed time, can’ted help holding a cold sweat for it.

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It is namely in such be nervous, in September 2021, this the end decides the information of archives at was being transmitted, will land Hunan to defend inspect broadcast. Start entirely when all propaganda work however, main actors also begin to help conduct propaganda, even prevue is defended in Hunan inspect broadcasted after several edition, face an one foot, hunan is defended inspect announce this drama withdraws file temporarily suddenly again however, go up by top of other theatrical work.

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At that time, somebody feels is a person of high position is liable to be attacked of two main actors, withdraw file temporarily; Whether is somebody guesses main actor oneself has a problem, just bring about a project to be pulled discontinue. Altogether, gossip rise from all directions, the vermicelli made from bean starch of Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi is removed not only the message of archives is rectified muddled, all sorts of jealousy that answer blow on the face even and come.

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Because,also be such, hunan is defended inspect removed archives to displease many vermicelli made from bean starch, even vermicelli made from bean starch says to aux would rather let this play network sow, it may not be a bad idea holds the hand that is in a TV station too in. After withdrawing file, this drama was immersed in again again endless silent period, and premonitory quantity also is in quiet silence the ground rises silently in. Till after half an year today, ability is in this drama to sow eventually before today airborne calm archives. Pressure drama, remove archives, incognito, airborne calm archives, this drama light is this broadcasted process OK the head fills give a daedal recreation to encircle a novel. Not be every drama after all broadcast metropolis such dynamic, also decide archives because of this drama just about not easy, so ability can cause such harangue.

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3, top shedding is added hold, unmanned can enemy the last reason, it is the most crucial also be most of clearly, be like what battle and Yang Zi act the leading role twice this to add namely hold. Yang Zi, every other can have a heat a few years to sow drama, the audience predestined relationship of ten years of accumulative total cannot small gaze, a lot of audiences see is her the remote controller in be willing to stop a helper is looked down upon a little while first.

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Xiao Zhan, prep let alone, as one of male stars that discharge can make most nowadays, his consequence is same cannot small gaze. Say ” survive ” calm archives while, another his work also Guan Xuan will be in the much home such as Anhui, Hubei, Shenzhen to defend domestic gold archives to leave sow, period of open bully hold.

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Two such main actors are pressed blast, this drama thinks not fire is difficult. The data before passing to sow is again interesting, also can’t become judge the standard of bad of actor of a drama. The teleplay nowadays learns essence of life, do prevue United States annulus is beautifully Huan, it is film simple sense easily, blow prop, play specially good effect, but when the audience after broadcasting just discovers is ” goods is incorrect board ” .

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What have theatrical work of some of movie and TV more is premonitory look story clue is wonderful unsurpassed, the result sees drama just discover, what all elite are in whole department theatrical work 23 minutes that is short is premonitory in, those who remain is scum.

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Such ” kill a hog dish drama ” can say to be able to be found everywhere in group of current movie and TV. The commercial attribute of drama of movie and TV had surmounted its artistic quality, director, playwrite, broadcast platform is wanting how to pat a work to cheat the audience next quickly only come in ” kill ” , do not want how to had done work truly however.

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Because,also be such, more and more drama had luxuriant sale medium, but broadcast finally the effect however flatly, after all the audience also has an eye, the stand or fall of work everybody heart Lidoumen is clear. So premonitory although have referenced value, but however not of be valid. Accordingly ” survive ” open a variety of data before sowing breathtaking tall, but this is a good theatrical work after all, judge is become after be being returned so that wait to be shown formally again. Say the road to happiness full of hardships, wintersweet is sweet come from bitter cold, hope ” survive ” can not lose its 3 calm file that change to experience, not can negative audience is expected to it, can not lose two main actors pressure blast, what bring to suit Chinese audience to look truly for us is small sweet drama.

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(editorial office of film sodden tomato: Yang Jing)

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