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Original title: Li Yifeng basks in his Shuai Zhao, leave character of new theatrical work, still played a homophonic stalk to pat Gu Yaodong group to pursue Respecting plum easy peak this handsome male star, believing very much young associate is his dutiful vermicelli made from bean starch, after all Li Yifeng personate passes theatrical work of a lot of classic movie and TV, left deep impression to audience and vermicelli made from bean starch, the height that Li Yifeng also won an audience by right of his acting and talent reputably, attract white countless, become very welcome discharge person to enrage God.

20220315121315 623082dbc01ea

Li Yifeng is imperceptible nowadays already 33 years old, this age develops the highest peak of the career just about to very much male actor, and Li Yifeng also not disappoint everybody’s expectation, good theatrical work also is one is caught film, resource exceeds good Li Yifeng a few years this to also do not have at a loose end all the time, on the career path that spelling oneself all the time, the love that connects oneself cannot attend to, besides Li Yifeng still likes his vermicelli made from bean starch very much, no matter where go to,be greet sb with oneself vermicelli made from bean starch first.

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Recently the teleplay of Li Yifeng’s personate ” secret and great ” also had been about to end, young associate people also be be reluctant to part to this, after all this drama of Li Yifeng personate is too good-looking simply, the Gu Yaodong of Li Yifeng personate is family person love simply, acting is online, in this drama besides ” grow ” make everybody special halloo besides, “Love ” the one big hotspot that also is this drama. The affection between Gu Yaodong and Shen Qinghe ” interactive ” cause netizen big favor.

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As this drama broadcast, everybody also is be attracted deeply by gut, but the world does not have the banquet that does not come loose, this drama also ends immediately nowadays, everybody also is special to this be reluctant to leave, the last collect that also broadcasts even him Li Yifeng in this drama basks in those who gave his to be illuminated nearly recently share with everybody, li Yifeng returns dispatch to say: Receive an official, accept a plan. Everybody sees Li Yifeng basks in the close picture illuminating the United States that gives his also is to come round to surround in succession view.

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What make audience and vermicelli made from bean starch accident more is Li Yifeng still played a homophonic stalk to pat ” Gu Yaodong ” group plan, look Li Yifeng also is very skin, after everybody sees, also be to leave a message in succession: Gu Yaodong acts well, control this 18 Gong Geshuai energy of life of full sincerity the United States is illuminated, perfect receive an official, skin or Li Yifeng most skin, gu Yaodong good-bye, expect bottom theatrical work of Li Yifeng, leave Gu Yaodong, expect Xia Zhuo. Of everybody the big favor that leaving a message also is pair of Li Yifeng and blessing.

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Bask in the beauty that give from Li Yifeng we can see the Li Yifeng that day is very handsome in the graph, wear handsome business suit, orthoptic camera lens, facial features is handsome, him what doff next suit jacket, wearing a shirt to nod assist to lens only, glamour also is dye-in-the-wood, condition has exceeded. Still make a lot of strange expression in basking in the beauty that gives his to illuminate, special meeting plays, this play also receives an official really nowadays, the sky in the heart falls, full do not abandon feel with lose, good hate to part with Police officer Xiaogu!

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Everybody also knows Li Yifeng from pat kill blueness to arrive again broadcast, with Gu Yaodong the acquaintance of this part also is time of short a month! Look at Li Yifeng to mention small Gu Dou to show every time give those who do not stop to love, this Gu Yaodong of Li Yifeng personate is very marvellous very marvellous! Who looks to say good-looking, thank Li Yifeng to let us meet so unique Police officer Xiaogu! When seeing drama hind can understand why to kill blueness more Yi Feng is met cannot from already cry for ages, the work that expects Li Yifeng did not come brings more surprise.

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Li Yifeng basks in his Shuai Zhao, leave character of new theatrical work, still played a homophonic stalk to pat Gu Yaodong group to pursue. A lot of audiences see those who go out Li Yifeng is basked in receiving an official to receive graph beauty to illuminate is to make a person super and excited really, although consider Xiao Dong,this part did not see, but Li Yifeng or Li Yifeng, also did not change, thank this one surprises of Li Yifeng! Gu Yaodong is very marvellous! Li Yifeng is very marvellous! Gu Yaodong, let what our saw with one’s own eyes witnessed him grow, xiaogu is worth all loving absolutely! Believe Li Yifeng can bring the work that more everybody likes.

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