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Original title: Seek Korea love theatrical work surely, among them ” phantom ” , ” goddess arrives ” ” the wife of understanding ” enter a list of names posted up In recent years Korea rolled out many classical love comedy, include ” the crash of love ” , ” coastal village just just ” etc, achieve tall topic, high temperature, and the kind that the audience of every area likes is not quite same also, day net Rankingoo undertook recently ” chase after Korea love comedy surely ” TOP10 elect by ballot, among them ” phantom ” , ” goddess arrives ” enter a list of names posted up, classical degree surmounts champion too hard! Saw Japanese audience quickly what recommend to seek Han theatrical work surely downward elect by ballot of ~ day net ” chase after Korea love comedy surely ” TOP10: ” blue deep-sea is fabulous ” the 10th is ” blue deep-sea is fabulous ” ! This You Limin pick, Quan Zhixian acts the leading role, adapt from Korea collect of first unofficial history ” Yu Yuye Tan ” medium merman story, tell about the merman that is close to eradicating on the earth ” Shen Qing ” (Quan Zhixian is acted the role of) the talent cheater that encounters city ” Xu Jun is slaughtered ” (Li Min pick is acted the role of) hind, in the process that gets used to terrestrial life, the love story that produce.

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” blue deep-sea is fabulous ” with fairy tale like ” mermaid ” give priority to a problem, build on the battle array of pick of male god Li Min and goddess Quan Zhixian, cause many topics. The pure merman in drama ” Shen Qing ” after landing, the fun that a lot of happen because of not be familiar with the human world on land, between leading role of male and female interactive very droll also lovely, it is the love comedy that can chase after easily!

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Day net elect by ballot ” chase after Korea love comedy surely ” TOP9: ” although be mental disease but irrespective ” the 9th is ” although be mental disease but irrespective ” ! By male god Jin Xiuxian, Xu Rui is known this, Wu Zheng world acts the leading role, with ” mental disease ” for subject matter, after telling about the male feminine lead that has different childhood scar to encounter, each other are cured, the story that grow. In drama exquisite describe a story that has about mental disease, anxious is warm however, not only can fetching resonance, still can experience a cure to heal from which, it is the divine drama in a lot of popular feeling!

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Day net elect by ballot ” chase after Korea love comedy surely ” TOP8: ” the descendant of the sun ” ” the descendant of the sun ” obtain the 8th! This classical degree need not small make up said more the love story that deep depict gives officer and doctor to fall in battleground in ~ drama, especially the military uniform the appearance of an actor of Song Zhong radical is more handsome to be no good, let everybody be immersed in directly ” Liu Dawei ” glamour, plus the gut of compact romance, confuse by large quantities of drama love, connect deputy line CP very popular, have exceed much more moving renown occasion!

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Day net elect by ballot ” chase after Korea love comedy surely ” TOP7: ” Hua Lang ” it is the 7th Piao Xujun, decorous collect, Piao Jiong establish acts the leading role ” Hua Lang ” ! This drama is setting with generation of new Luo Shi, tell about Hua Lang ” anonymous ” (Piao Xujun is acted the role of) and ” promote really king ” (Piao Jiong establish is acted the role of) , the woman that falls in love with a be enslaved to be enslaved to to bone tastes a system and cannot marry with them jointly ” E is shown ” (decorous collect adorn) story.

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” Hua Lang ” besides Piao Xujun, decorous collect, Piao Jiong establish besides 3 leading role, still look for Cui Min a person of extraordinary powers, Dou Zhihan, Jin Taiheng, Zhao Runyu to go out act, one word is discharged is Apollo, let a person look not only look feel eyeball is cured, gut is very fascinating also, already green, romance is full of again touch!

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Day net elect by ballot ” chase after Korea love comedy surely ” TOP6: ” golden secretary why in that way ” be Piao Xujun, Piao Minying’s main actor the 6th ” golden secretary why in that way ” ! This is adapted from the person gas net is overflowed, tell about plutocrat 2 worlds, Yan Zhishi force holds provided group vice-chairman concurrently ” Li Yingjun ” , with beside him 9 years of of full marks of very closely associated with each other, ability female secretaries ” Jin Wei laugh ” story.

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” golden secretary why in that way ” gut is relaxed and interesting, piao Minying of Piao Xujun & " Shuang Piao CP " chemical reaction exceeds strong, if two people talk,love the bridge of love only paragraph, each act is sweet degree exceed bid, more innovation goes a lot of hearts to use an occasion, look more jump over addiction, more energy of life of freeboard topic, person is achieved to explode during broadcast canopy, it is to chase after tall Yan Zhitian surely drama!

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Day net elect by ballot ” chase after Korea love comedy surely ” TOP5: ” phantom ” it is the 5th ” phantom ” ! ” phantom ” leaving during sowing detonate a topic with strange unreal love, new world outlook directly, already romance is full of inverting gut again very fascinating, advocate the story of deputy line CP also suffers greatly love, and the dub in background music of drama anthology, picture appears is classical more, innovation gives a lot of your people’s impressive renown appearance, have sweet have cruel, no matter how look not be bored with, it is a lot of drama the divine drama in confusing a heart!

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Day net elect by ballot ” chase after Korea love comedy surely ” TOP4: ” she is very beautiful ” the 4th is Piao Xujun, Huang Zhengyin’s main actor ” she is very beautiful ” ! This tells about counterattack to become Gao Fushuai, from the United States airborne to The Most vogue magazine deputy editor in chief ” Chi Chengjun ” , become dinosaur daughter with his first love, inversion ” Jin Huizhen ” the love story between.

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” she is very beautiful ” subject matter is full of new idea, protruding shows the value of immanent beauty, gut rhythm does not pull play to be full of again laugh at a dot, it is a theatrical work that can seek easily, look to be able to let a person feel warm to heart, Shu is pressed!

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Day net elect by ballot ” chase after Korea love comedy surely ” TOP3: ” goddess arrives ” ” goddess arrives ” seize the 3rd! This is temperature is very high free revise one of play, not only actor of silver of Wen Jia , car, Huang Yin firelights or sunlight 3 leading role and cartoon original work have freeboard is reductive degree, what gut also adapts is very outstanding, still be being judged to be by many audiences is even better than original work story. The heroine in drama is passed through make up the set that becomes goddess is very new, complete theatrical work is chased after without pressure, do easily laugh can make a person enchanted again, it is the love comedy with very high opinion!

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Day net elect by ballot ” chase after Korea love comedy surely ” TOP2: ” the wife of understanding ” be main actor of of You Chicheng, Han Zhi the 2nd ” the wife of understanding ” , this tells about a marriage listless period man, get passing through accidentally spatio-temporal opportunity, after returning the past, he was encountered former wife and once first love, change destiny of choice, change, review the old practice of oneself and wife marriage finally.

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” the wife of understanding ” it is to compare realistically love drama, with ” pass through spatio-temporal ” for subject matter, take the issue of a lot of marriage, a lot of married audiences looked to have resonance very much, the scintilla of Chi Cheng and Han annals is very strong also, it is the love comedy with very good opinion!

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Day net elect by ballot ” chase after Korea love comedy surely ” TOP1: ” the crash of love ” champion is ” the crash of love ” ! Must say, " the crash of love " the position in a lot of audience hearts surmounts ~ very hard really besides Sun Yizhen of Xuan Bin & CP feeling explodes canopy, a lot of parts in drama also have lovely place, have classical romantic love already, still have do laugh at droll clue, let drama anthology cause the upsurge that seek theatrical work during broadcast directly, heat was to continue more all the year round, the glamour of Sun Yizhen of Xuan Bin & , let a person be chased after really cannot give pit!

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