Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Zhu Yilong is truly sturdy, and gutty person, he very have deep love for act in a play House teacher very care about vermicelli made from bean starch, but I understand his as vermicelli made from bean starch, he is not a person that relies on vermicelli made from bean starch to have a meal, in act in a play he won’t say this aspect vermicelli made from bean starch thinks him how, he with respect to how. Cite a case, a reporter asks him, how pink of look upon cummer, he says this problem is met the accretion as the age be readily solved, he is to have deep love for act in a play undoubted, no matter how the reporter asks, ask he is little fresh pork or veteran cadre, he says is an actor, it is an actor only. He is truly sturdy and gutty person, I believe he can try hard to accomplish best.

20220315121405 6230830def9f0

Regard so firm evaporate as boiled pink, we also want and he goes before progress together, can infer knows to deny, true friend and rob a tomb, the meeting on all corners of the country is rain of blood of wind of what kind of raw meat or fish, we also must be propped up. Remember to in residing a teacher to be interviewed in some, had said, the play that oneself can receive is the best choice that he shows level to be able to be received certainly. Now the resource on the market with respect to so much, with him today when the force now, what to take very hard really, if he and his group thinks this is best choice, so I am willing to believe him, be willing his time, judge is made after be willing to wait for this drama to broadcast again.

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Those who press down fetch is red I think actually and did not give a group, perhaps say he does not give a group with work, the expressional package that is sent by me and the person most that the friend encircles conduct propaganda to know him had not seen town spirit, just remembered this name because of the force of vermicelli made from bean starch. If pilfer pen can have been patted, his future just is true but period! Think occasionally actually, also do not know to his what like, feel what he does to like namely.

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Long Ge receives drama to resemble washing pink every time, if he considers flow, pilfer pen is not an insurance instead slow and steady good choice. I believe him, I love him, I expect him. Preach manages, always feel he is to want to play acts how to go only advocate, say be institute of film be goinged to by him Mom bar, love this profession than who now, the idea of vermicelli made from bean starch he is true still not certain and special care, mix pass a barrier to still go with your bud usually, go up to this kind of important matter absolutely won’t ambiguous, be recreational group to identify him know to be clear about quite, can say to calculate play bedlamite, to act in a play complete at that time member he searchs to attend him not to go allegedly in quickening.

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The individual feels, town fetch brought the choice with better more for him, but the degree that has not reached very preponderance resource for certain. As to receive pat IP of rob a tomb, the tiger that is him is angry, do not be willing to perform become safe, also be him the choice with at present best position. Risk and good luck coexist actually, what is more,the rather that I feel, he won’t be patted bad, most likelihood is to do not have a law to make everybody satisfactory perhaps let a person feel to give prize. His acting and his firm, we are be obvious to all, plus pat when knowing to deny 7 months bubble is in play staff, I believe he can have a lot of new realization and idea, be modelled in the character or deductive time will be more full.

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