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Original title: Dilireba, Ren Jialun ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” will sow, after adapting, the dot of concern letting a person is in this The teleplay that acts the leading role by Dilireba, Ren Jialun ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” will broadcast formally on March 17. This drama is a basis the novel with 9 aigret sweet blame ” drive shark is written down ” adapt, those who tell about is drive clever division long meaning of Ji Yunhe and shark person breaks through the identity to manacle, all previous classics 1000 difficult 10 thousand danger become spouses eventually, defend the old practice of the common people hand in hand.

20220315121430 6230832623587

As a teleplay that adapts according to the novel, although join in because of what have Dilireba, Ren Jialun, make a person right ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” this drama was full of expect. But after reading a novel, must say or act the leading role to Dilireba, Ren Jialun this ” black unreal drama ” , still was full of anxious.

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So, read to where ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” after the novel, can you be full of to this teleplay anxious? After all the what set in the novel, “Do not suit ” move screen?

The world of 01 too black unreal, teleplay can be shown really after reading a novel, must say ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” the world of place depict, be too black unreal really. Should will this ” black unreal ” the world is moved to teleplay, have a place indeed ” arduous ” , after all of these black unreal such as bewitching of bewitching of bird of person of the shark in the novel, a mythical bird like the phoenix, cat, 9 end fox, snake, sea bewitching ” part ” , want to appear in teleplay, it is an arduous thing indeed.

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And among them most difficult, should be the hero of Ren Jialun personate, the modelling of long meaning. In the novel, the author uses very big length depict of long meaning ” shark person end ” , and long meaning ” silver hair blue eye ” appearance. is without giving thought to ” luxuriant ” the appearance that shark person end, or is silver hair blue eye, let a person worry about what whether can modelling division describe according to the novel to undertake reductive.

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02 too ” cruel ” , ” bloody ” gut, can move screen really and besides origianl work in too ” black unreal ” the world, and ” luxuriant ” hero modelling, concern letting a person ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” in the course that changes in movie and TV, recover from an illness hard besides the set of the novel. The certain gut with actually medium novel, also let a person suspect whether teleplay can be shown likewise, after all the set in the novel, it is really ” too cruel ” , too ” bloody ” .

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The gut that the person feels to be copied hard lets in origianl work, basically center on body of leading role of male and female. It is hero on one hand by captivity moment, all sorts of by the torment, set that is cleavaged the tail becomes a leg even finally; Another is heroine by captivity when, princess of the heart that be arranged all sorts of ” try drug ” , the set of reincarnate below sunshine even bones of the dead, let a person feel too ” bloody ” , move screen hard.

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03 ” disguise as a man ” play code, can break down to go up in gut, besides concern too ” cruel ” , too ” bloody ” set can be copied, can move screen besides, the set with afraid another, be the standing grain of heroine discipline cloud that Dilireba acts the leading role actually ” disguise as a man ” set. Show after all nowadays, ancient occasionally in drama ” disguise as a man ” had become ” heavy disaster area ” , ” hinder sb area ” .

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And in origianl work novel, in standing grain of heroine discipline cloud ” died ” , by Lin Hao of oneself senior fellow apprentice after black bring back to life, but ask greenly according to Lin Hao, concealed oneself ” Ji Yunhe ” appearance, unreal changes the appearance that makes a man to go out all previous is experienced. is this ” man ” figure, let a person can’t help be this drama be breathless with anxiety or tension, fear meeting resembling is other very much ancient occasionally theatrical work is same, can break down.

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As a whole, having lookinging ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” after the novel, to this teleplay that Dilireba, Ren Jialun acts the leading role, was to be full of those who expect actually. After all from at present the gut set of the novel looks, the set of drive bewitching division and shark person, and follow-up story trend, have a hotspot very much. And final this drama can be on the foundation of the novel, further upward, can wait only ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” after broadcasting, another dug unexpectedly. (picture material comes from a network, if have tort, ask connection to delete)

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