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Original title: She by ” on the west travel notes ” explode overnight red, reap reward of 10 beautiful actor, today 68 years old are not had however without female She by ” on the west travel notes ” have one’s moment, gainer of award of 10 beautiful actor, 68 years old still are not had nowadays one half female

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A work of good drama of movie and TV, be can withstand is watched repeatedly savour, carry so that live time baptismal. The teleplay of ceaseless rebroadcast in memory, besides ” return Zhugege ” , namely ” on the west travel notes ” . These two teleplay, can call classical.

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And can of asymmetry for classical, because make,be not just admirable, the most important is the actor’s acting. Take ” on the west travel notes ” for, this teleplay films time grows, whole department theatrical work does not spend 25 part, spent time of 6 years however. For the gut in perfect and reductive book, play staff all staff members, include that Bai Ma, also visited the throughout the country. Actors overcame countless tribulation, as before perfect personate part.

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” on the west travel notes ” break up sent countless version, have the motion picture, also have teleplay, of 86 edition it is classical from beginning to end. And the actor in drama, also follow this theatrical work, together red 35 years, in the deep heart that is cut in people. The Zhu Lin with personate daughter kingly country, it is to be called to be ” more the first beautiful ” swims on the west.

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And she is chosen to be daughter country kingly, because she has,also wear a pair just about unique fine-looking. Who can think of, before becoming an actor, zhu Lin is professional of a medicine, work in the academy of sciences. Say, of Zhu Lin before half a lifetime, it may be said is those who comparative is wonderful.

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Zhu Lin’s father is a professor, mother from cure, child it is an intellectual, it is to loosen most to her education. Zhu Lin likes what go to school what, like dance in one’s childhood, dancing of go to school. Ran again later place of appraisal of medicaments of Ministry of Public Health learns, abandoned dancing, entered job of Chinese academy of medical sciences. Can saying is those who comparative is capricious, arrive again actor, zhu Lin just placed an end.

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Have nevertheless such fine-looking, zhu Lin also is to having capricious sth used to one’s own advantage. Act in a play for the first time, zhu Lin’s performance does not calculate very outstanding, to raise acting, she learned 5 months actively to Beijing film institute, acting advance rapidly, it is to get more ah Li Chengru’s appreciate. The part with daughter kingly country, li Chengru recommends Zhu Lin director Yang Jie to just must come.

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The daughter country of personate of bright red beautiful jade is kingly, it is clever most beautiful, see the Tang Dynasty the charming be ashamed when the monk, face the air of national official in feudal times, below her deduction, those who comparative is vivid. The acting of Zhu Lin and Xu Shaohua is too good, final final result was to become the meaning in countless popular feeling to be made the same score hard more. Still came out even rumor, say she is dark love Xu Shaohua old, the audience still cannot go from inside gut.

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But actually the Zhu Lin at that time, early married, xu Shaohua also has a room, two people are cooperative relation only. The Zhu Lin later, career all the way Gao Ge, the film contract is ceaseless. And she gives the work that perform, having right result mostly, suffer fully reputably. , zhu Lin reaped reward of 10 beautiful actor, this also is top to her acting evaluation.

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Zhu Lin and currently hold the post ofthe husband, it is 2 marriage, but did not affect the feeling between them however. Had gotten the person of the injury, metropolis all the more the feeling that cherishs hard-earned. All the time since, zhu Lin holds to Ding Ke, the husband also feels distressed her, respect her opinion, she took for company today. Nowadays Zhu Lin of 68 years old, early faded out of recreational group, there is children beside, have marital company only.

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