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Original title: She is the most classical goddess in the moon, had performed this one role only all one’s life, was written down more than 30 years by the audience however Some actors performed countless roles, also not likely lets a person remember, and some people are lifelong patted a play to be become only classical, for instance 86 edition ” on the west travel notes ” in the Qiu Peining of personate goddess in the moon, although show share is not much, but the beautiful image that brief shot lets her however always cuts audience heart in, she is dancing major one’s previous experience, so raise one’s hand is cast sufficient a temperamental grace, she goddess in the moon keen of this part fictile, be in so the personate of many goddess in the moon person in, only of Qiu Peining be considered as by the audience most those who accord with individual character of figure of origianl work figure, already beautiful and celestial being, she explains the faery figure that gave not to eat terrestrial cooked food.

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Of goddess in the moon come on the stage every time, concern with another person almost, that is a pig 8 give up, in ” plan receive a pig 8 give up ” one concentration, have a pig why is him memory of 8 give up demoted the reason of descend to the world, that dallies with goddess in the moon namely, this is a pig of 8 give up tasteful history, faery of goddess in the moon beautiful cold, let a pig 8 give up are remembering with concern all the time, although become a pair later ” pig ” about, still thinking ethereal goddess in the moon, be in so later ” Tian Zhu closes the Jade Hare-the moon ” in, pig 8 give up met unexpectedly again goddess in the moon. Often reside the cause of the Moon Palace because of goddess in the moon probably, her literary talent is so qualitative chilly, holding Wang Xiangyuan thing Jade Hare-the moon in the arms to just be like the look that considers somewhat when her especially, make a person enchanted really, 8 give up meet pardonable pig make a mistake repeatedly!

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Actually fashion into of a part classical, it is meddlesome, after all no matter be professional skill or it is acting respect got sufficient play, the audience also gave approbate; But from on the other hand for, also may not is meddlesome, because fictile is classical the part is very easy the part finalizes the design, make an audience right the impression of this actor stays on a certain part all the time, other part performs again after causing and the strange phenomenon of unlike, this was broken through very hard. And Qiu Peining is lifelong also performed goddess in the moon only this one part, whether is knowing the cause that finalizes the design because of the part in those days?

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Piece perform Wan Change the Qiu Peining after this part chose go into business to be in business, still became the president of company of a group nowadays, although the person is too middleaged already, dan Meili as before, part of her that goddess in the moon also was written down more than 30 years by the audience, often conceive those who remember him company is grown when everybody ” on the west travel notes ” , when speaking of the natural beauty inside, qiu Peining’s goddess in the moon can be discharged certainly advanced 3!

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