Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Playwrite bright red climate and his ” northeast past “ The film ” the redness of skin of northeast past is green ” the means with black humour, told about boy of 3 silk to be entered from city of knife of northeast small town swing, hit what bump by accident to enter the old practice of the counterattack after black path by accident. Give priority to with hitting play and comedy in drama, large occasion is in the majority, gut rich and colorful, early days plan and play are participated in to make when playwrite Zhu Tian.

20220315121701 623083bdb91e2

Nanjing artistic institute is graduated from when playwrite Zhu Tian, undertake since 2016 network literature is created, also Ceng Can and drama of too numerous net and move overflow make, have rich creation experience, the propulsion of the part design to the character and clue of rhythm accused to have crucial effect, believe to will bring everybody more and outstanding work to return.

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