Sat. Oct 8th, 2022

Original title: Be like the news briefing that battle Changsha records all right, eventually the use on the clique! Media releases a photograph, gu Wei is too dazzling ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” came, and was full of ceremonial feeling! Make an appointment the quantity is broken 7 million + do not say, still have sow a news briefing! Media explodes makings say, because ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” ” extend file ” brash, the news briefing has been recorded to press one’s store of valuables all the time when deciding archives last! Fortunately this ” calm archives ” , it had the land of use force eventually! Look everything all has destiny, the duck that thoroughly cook is flying know clearly! In light of the photograph that releases from media, bu Guangdeng bestrews arena to twinkle ceaseless, the problem has ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” of drama name gigantic backdrop stands in in the middle of. Standing on arena ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” a lot of advocate achieve. Left 3 it is a man that wears white business suit, his show is held out flower unplug the Qing Dynasty of a suit is expensive give this world, the Xing Ziyi Yi that is just as night sky is unripe brightness! From the point of body form, the act person that he should be Gu Wei resembles battle! “Xiao Huang ” be worthy of is pretty sound global inside amusement the first person, always be the most conspicuous in the crowd that! ” the dream that is like a dream ” when Changsha stands, xiao Zhan appears in Changsha airport ahead of schedule. That moment ” jade bone Yao ” already killed blueness, xiao Zhan is in all the time rest condition, inaccessibly leisure meets again mango of the star on drama. Then media guesses, on body of assemble of Xiao Zhan, Yang Zi ” fast base camp ” sow to leave make situation conduct propaganda. Which are become want ” survive ” extend file temporarily, plan to must be thrown into confusion formerly. Want to come nowadays, the travel of Xiao Zhan’s Changsha does not have waste, at least transcribe ” survive ” news briefing! ” that sea in the dream ” leave since patting, xiao Zhan follows closely the ground to defend all the time in the play staff, much ground of flounder whole nation is absorption take sport! Yang Zi also is in put together art divulge be about to enter group take new theatrical work, should be in ” survive ” sow eve collection, with Xiao Zhan fit collection put together art apparent impossible! Before having fortunately, had recorded sow a news briefing, such vermicelli made from bean starch are much also a fun, ” survive ” sow also appear grander and formal! Penguin is right ” survive ” gave not small expectation, this drama is it explore newly in respect of drama of movie and TV! If,just inspect all the time so jewellery, just approached theatrical work of a fashionable dress so long, blame mango cannot! Of penguin ” starlight is admired greatly ” in, xiao Zhan, Yang Zi is obtained invite gave dinner evening party, two people are solo it is chorally. “Starlight is admired greatly ” all but was become ” survive ” special performance publicizes the evening party! Mango is right ” survive ” take a fancy to euqally! After this drama is patted, have every year ” survive ” open sowed message, but every time made drainage for other drama. Connect eve of this official announce, a lot of media still is oppugned can be ” survive ” should do for others again marry the garment! ” survive ” leave eventually sow, vermicelli made from bean starch at long last the stone be born in the heart! Does this drama meet Xiao Zhan once more what does refresh record? Our wait and see what happens!

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