Fri. Sep 30th, 2022

Original title: ” the person arrives 30 how ” : Female group drama resembling day Recommend a newest teleplay to everybody today ” the person arrives 30 how ” , one is aimed at the teleplay of the female that is about to enter 30 years old of age, the Han drama that sows with heat ” 39 ” it is a female euqally group to subject matter drama. Do not know everybody has discovery, the teleplay that comes to this kind nearly two years be aimed at big female is increasing, what home becames famous quite is ” 30 just ” . Now day this ” the person arrives 30 how ” out, but the problem that everybody faces to place of woman of 30 years old of above is be exactly the same, it is relatively other only two drama, ” the person arrives 30 how ” the expression on bisexual relation also wants many a little bit it seems that. This drama basically is aimed at the female of 4 same age, with them respective affection job shows the life with different audience for direction. And the central daughter in honey of good as 4 boudoir, namely of beautiful personate of Nai of You Zunteng spic female one, a steady job is had in drama, be together 5 years with the male friend with very good feeling, and 30 years old are entered on the horse when also be proposed by male friend. But fear to give birth to a child and affect the work, and because manage demand is much and the body is constant outside she of one-night standing, whether can you set his mind at to accept propose enter marriage? Additionally 3 good friends also have kind of respective problem, female 2 it is an of one mind the small white-collar that wants to angle tortoise husband marries to give birth to a child, but it is to not have every time result and return. Female 3 it is the female strong person with a very strong enterprise, the man that does not need marriage and child overcomes gens. Female 4 it is a gender to different person, but the sincerity that she is brave in to face her and go successfully together with sweetheart, look very happy. Each different female formed division of 4 individual character the boudoir honey organization of a special harmony, they discuss together when anything crops up or spit groove, always can be in the mood that shares oneself for a short while, believe to look much this kind of female group the young associate that resembles teleplay, agree to will surely discover, no matter be theatrical work of Han drama day or homebred drama, the feeling between boudoir honey is worth to everybody is cherished well and be had really. This drama still is being updated at present, the friends that have fun at can have a look oh ~

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