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Original title: ” in parting company now ” : How to accomplish in the life abandon from? This drama can give you the answer Han drama ” in parting company now ” the discussion that caused everybody again recently and attention, this drama name sounds particularly interesting, part company, it is past type originally; Now, it is now however type; In, it is to have type. Part company in undertaking, if sincerity loves each other, produce longing because of parting company, longing is the nutrient agent of love. Part company, prove be love to break abandon from.

20220315121732 623083dc471a3

This drama looks from love masterstroke, the clue is really feeble, make hard the love story that the audience experiences leading role of male and female; But the atmosphere of complete theatrical work is very fashionable, character set profession is the trade that allows a person to admire admire, important official of fashionable dress stylist, cameraman, public relations is the front that goes in popular culture. The garment of story person is acted the role of, setting is decorated all can suck eyeball, bright Li Weimei.

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In a few paragraphs of in drama human relations, present what must face in the life to break, abandon, from, story part is adopted why to plant the manner faces up to reality, make the choice that suits oneself, make thereby life becomes bigger, li Jifu’s director and playwrite of of the Supreme Being hand over pretty good exam paper absolutely in this link. To us for these audiences, if why be accomplished better in the life,abandon from, I believe this drama can give out a likely result.

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Female advocate river flower favour (personate of Song Hui tall) with male advocate Yin Zaiguo (Zhang Jilong personate) hereat victim axis. Ying En is fashionable company ” The One ” top class brand ” SONO ” design group group leader, in the country it is international famous and fashionable cameraman, one-night standing of two popularity result, the man is right woman bear in mind constantly, ying En is right however blur in national impression. Some day, exhibit in another international fashionable dress on, two people once more meet again. Be close to Ying En painstakingly in the country, final Ying En recalls eventually he, two people renew affection then predestined relationship.

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1.The first person that arouses favour of leading role flower to undertake abandoning leaving is Yin Xiu is over (Shen Dongxu personate) beautiful the half-blooded elder brother that be over is Yin Zaiguo, ying En’s lover, shen Youzhen (Yin brilliant happy event is acted the role of) fiance, min Huiyu (car and beautiful personate) one’s own alone child. Beautiful be over before antedating 10 years, die at accident of a traffic, his leave suddenly die, to be in country, Ying En, Shen Youzhen and Min Huiyu bring different influence.

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Ying Engen does not know this accident originally, she is made an appointment with because of beautiful Wan Shuang only and sad, feel sigh to the be passionately in love of 3 months Paris that die without known cause, she believes love no longer, total heart throws the job, found ” SONO ” dress brand. When Ying En from in the country be informed in the mouth beautiful the accident that be over, also know beautiful be over to have fiancee early, oneself are in a third party was not become below know the inside story, the mood is uneasy of course; But already was the past past after all, ying En says only sentence ” blamed ” , say other had done not have any meanings. Flower favour reaction is very normal, bygone already cannot be redeemed, time can teach dawn Yingenru oneself He Duanshe is over from Yin Xiu.

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Beautiful be over with in the country it is the brother that feeling is close friends, just began not to forget brotherly affection. Elapse as time, living person always wants to give birth to subsist well, parting person ability sets his mind at. Come 10 years, did not forget an elder brother in the country, he is willing to maintain good relationship with Min Huiyu, respect close mother of the elder brother, use up filial piety path for the elder brother, the friend is being missed with this kind of means in the country, he is right of the elder brother break abandon from very appropriate, also be the positive attitude that faces family member death.

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Min Huiyu faces close son to die suddenly, 10 years the past cannot be at ease as before, son room all as before, she is enmeshed at infinite sadness in. Min Huiyu goes to mother love move in the country on the body, because this cannot be accepted in the country the amour with favour flower, browbeat in order to die even Ying En. Cannot criticise Min Huiyu cannot be broken to the son abandon from, the col that overshoots the hardest because of the world parents, it is white hair person sends black hair the person, can pass time only, let her be at ease earlier.

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Shen Youzhen still does not have pair of show to be over to abandon to story ending from, she to beautiful the photograph that be over faint solilo-quize, “Your about in the photograph as before, wait for inside one pace also goes not to come out, everybody is walking out of the time that spends in all with you however, beautiful nevertheless be over I still very long for you, still have love you. ” Shen Youzhen still needs time, instantly goes not to come out, irrespective. Can normal life but, need not forget constrainedly, long for forever also do not have hinder, beautiful after all be over is the person that he had loved greatly.

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2.The 2nd person that arouses favour of leading role flower to undertake abandoning leaving is Quan Meishu (Piao Xiaozhu personate) she suffers from on not period cancer, the illness worsens quickly. Beautiful kind and gentle do not wish to tell the husband, daughter and good friend at first, oneself a person is being maintained. As the symptom more and more apparent, beautiful kind and gentle also cannot conceal again. Marital bitterness is self-condemned, ying En and Huang Zhishu (personate of Cui play foreword) two boudoir honey is sad and intolerable, the daughter also is to be at a loss.

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Disease suffers from with its relatives and friends faces bereavement, just began everybody to be met cannot accept, do not know how to be answered. After the course is sober, guo Xiuhao of United States kind and gentle husband (Yin Nawu personate) the decision is repulsive ” look into public relations ” layout group subaltern works, absorption take care of a wife and daughter. Treat kind and gentle for the United States be in hospital of kind and gentle arrangement accepts best treatment, ying Enbang is busy take care of United States kind and gentle daughter, let her set one’s mind at cure is ill, side of everybody make concerted effort is beautiful kind and gentle overshoot difficulty. Life is finite, everybody has an opportunity to face the bereavement to love, cherish instantly only, for party circle however worry and care, let him go so that set one’s mind at, change guardianship angel to live in the popular feeling that leave forever.

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Beautiful kind and gentle before one’s death every word and deed, become the good memory of daughter and husband, when also becoming Ying En to face a problem encourage, become treat kind and gentle the change to love eye shot. Everybody is right beautiful kind and gentle memory, support the motive power that each other live well just about. Bereavement, it is human relation is the most unmanageable truly break abandon from, sure however want a society, all need because of life such.

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3.Marriage of Ying Enfu’s mother concerns break abandon leaving this is the topic for discussion that complete theatrical work deserves to pay close attention to most, river of flower favour father lustre repair (Cui Hong one personate) it is a nice gentleman absolutely, educational job uses up faithful post, assuming the economic responsibility to the family all one’s life, your wife and daughter lives quiet life. Whether are good householder and good father good man? Story set river lustre appear after long marriage what housekeeping not have a hand in, resemble a child that is taken care of in the round by the madam. River lustre is repaired is not bad man absolutely, be in male advocate outside female advocate below the thinking guidance inside, he fails to learn to become a nice man. Moreover, chastity of a surname of flower favour mother child (south base love personate) also have not communicates the problem that carries housekeeping overly with the husband, but without the effect, can bear oneself not reconciled to only come down, finally by trifling life so depressing that cannot breathe, complaint made the time bomb that two individual relations break down.

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Jiang Zhen child to the husband break abandon from, it is to unlock oneself, unlock the husband. Marriage of 40 years, just should complain only read aloud to increase increasingly, and muddy of other one party does not know like that, need exert really unusual step, want the other side marriage of new fixed position. Jiang Zhen child divorce requirement, be like a blow and a shout-sharp warning, let river lustre repair those who know a wife to take care of be not of course, of the family pay, oneself should understand be thankful. 4. Ying En is right finally of Yin Zaiguo break abandon those who leave them to break abandon leaving is to give each other the love that more spaces and time understanding come to this paragraph very quickly. Although two popularity rise at 10 years before, can saying only however is when each other are frustrated comfort. The one-night standing after 10 years, confirm bilateral love view is not strong, short time development comes be passionately in love, objected activator till bilateral parent, it is unjustifiable antagonistic secondary action and combat the effect.

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Although be in,in the country photography domain has proper name, but he still very young, encounter the chance that raises duty, nature cannot be missed. Ying En founds ” SONO ” dress brand begins to be affirmed by the international market, to Ying En character does not attract the Offer that enterprise of Parisian fashionable dress puts forward. If flower favour accepts that Offer to go to Paris developing, the result is sure it is to want to be together with Yin Zaiguo, is this a good choice? Objective and character, live in Paris together constrainedly, two people should start new career again, the life is tired and easy your feeling is damaged, ying En’s choice, sober advisability. Not be detached apart, love needs to be apart from likewise, distance ability sees him clear, see clear the other side. Ying En and the parting form in the country are cheesy and beautiful, if have lot really, genesis predestined relationship destroys, the predestined relationship destroys genesis, how does know the 2nd chapter is met?

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5.The old practice is final, river flower favour not only want those who face love to break abandon from, the career that should found for oneself more is made abandon from ” The One ” president plan is independent ” SONO ” brand, you Yingen is responsible advocate manage business, it is the award of old to Ying En effort. Finally, ying En is to break abandon left ” SONO ” , brand of plan other innovation, open new scope of operation for oneself.

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The career has, hardship builds ” comfortable circle ” , leave easier said than done boldly? ! Be in especially professional domain. Nevertheless, innovation is about to take a risk, ” SONO ” to Ying En character, it is achievement, also be an obstacle, it is ongoing obstacle. Do poineering work, be about to begin from the beginning, it is the big test that passes field of no longer hold the post to oneself, after all arteries and veins of how many person helps hill of dozen of lower reaches of the Changjiang River, ying En thinks again him test, there is how many a copy kept as a record in fashionable dress bound. Want to achieve a summit again, should be opposite above all now besides undertake abandoning leaving.

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” in parting company now ” gold sentence, I feel special benefit from, share everybody now: “Either all black are bleak without light, hiding the colour that expect is less than actually sometimes, resemble parting also be not is the thing with sad sadness completely. ” part for ever, since be life cannot the thing of escape by sheer luck, be about in the life the timely break study that abandon from, had laid foundation, when be faced truly, him meeting have an easy time is nodded.

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River flower favour is in what different type faces in complete theatrical work to break abandon from handle very reach the designated position, sober and free and easy, outside following her soft inside firm disposition cooperates completely. Song Hui tall is done sufficient homework, now and then him meeting cent is not clear, it is Song Hui after all tall is performing river flower favour, or river Ying En is performing Song Hui tall.

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